Reunited! $200 reward lost dog in Loganville

Update from owner : Everyone I want to thank you all for helping and keeping an eye out. She was gone for 27.5 hours and did NOT return home in that time, checked all security cameras to be certain. She shows back up at 1am!!! She is safe and happy and full belly again. I’m not sure if walking through the woods and neighborhood for hours, prayers, clothes on front porch, screaming her name all day today, or all combined. But thank you all again for the good wishes and assistance.

Dog jumped our fence last night due to fireworks at neighbors house. Last seen at 9:35pm on 7/4 going outside the doggy door in house. Never returned. Does not have sweater on now but used picture to show white stripe chest. Answers to Isabell or Bella. yellow and white flower collar as shown in picture with her sleeping with her ball. $200 if found. Contact me ASAP 912-288-901 six. Located off Bullock Trail, Bullock lane in Loganville.

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