About Face Skin Care celebrates launch of oncology aesthetics program

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Just before World Cancer Day 2017, Gwinnett County based About Face Skin Care announced the launch of “Side Step,” a skin care program specifically for patients who are undergoing cancer treatment.

Photo courtesy of Walton Living Magazine

“I first began to think about this program in the early years of my business in 2002. I was still a ‘one person show,’ with about 250 clients. I had very little variety in my products and services that I could use on the oncology client, and very little knowledge about caring for these special cases. Unfortunately, these cancer diagnoses are far too common. Fortunately, there have been great strides in curing cancer. My clients want to continue to care for themselves while going through cancer treatment, and I must make sure they are properly treated with safe products,” said CEO/Owner of About Face Skin Care, Chrissy Thomas, RN, BSN. “To compliment SideStep Oncology Aesthetic Facial treatment protocols for the cancer patient, About Face has also introduced two products that are formulated and certified by “Oncology Spa Solutions” branded FASIX.
Thomas said that FASIX is About Face Skin Care’s own line of oncology approved skin care products that are safe for all skin types. FASIX is a “supreme quality line of products” that will not conflict with cancer therapies. She said the products have already proved beneficial to patients battling cancer.
“We have had so many clients and friends in the community experience cancer and we have helped them. With the increased prevalence of cancer in our society, it became obvious that we had to do more,” Thomas said. “This year the program was given an official name and standard, yet flexible protocols were put in place. It has been very satisfying to have one of our SideStep “graduates” finish her cancer treatment and enter back into the general population of services and products with her oncologist’s blessing.”

For the full story on this program and what it offers cancer patients, click or tap on this link in the Spring-Summer issue of Walton Living Magazine.

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