Construction at old Chevron gas station on Highway 78 in Loganville piques interest

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The old Chevron gas station on Highway 78 east in Loganville was demolished in May 2017 and is awaiting rebuilding of a new five-suite building. Photo credit: Sharon Swanepoel

There has been a lot of interest expressed in building that is going on in Loganville on the old Chevron gas station property across the road from Quick Trip on Highway 78 east. Passers by were surprised to find recently that the building had been demolished. According to Loganville city officials, the property owners also were surprised to find the building being demolished.

“It was supposed to be a remodel of the building, but instead of remodeling it, the contractor tore it down,” Janice Tribble reported at last week’s TRIAD meeting at Southern Plantation.

Tim Prator, planning director for the City of Loganville, said that is indeed what happened. The owners had wanted an additional suite added on and had submitted plans to that effect. However, something went wrong and instead the whole building was torn down. Prater said he is not sure when construction of the new building will begin.

“We had approved a build out and remodel on the property, but we now require them to pull permits and submit new plans,” Prator said.

Tribble said she believed that there were four suites initially and the property owner was looking to expand it to five. One of the suites was reported to be a build out for a restaurant of some sort.

“But we have no idea what is planned to go in there,” Tribble said.

In her Loganville planning update to the TRIAD members last week, Tribble briefed that Hobby Lobby and Panera Bread construction is currently under way and Trinity Prep School is building a gym behind the school. At that time, Tribble said she believed that Duke’s Market and Nursery on Lawrenceville Road in Loganville was expecting to open in about 3 weeks, which would put it at sometime in the last week or so of this month. (Editor’s note: We will share the information as soon as we have a firm date.).

Duke’s Market and Nursery in Loganville is scheduled to open early summer 2017. Photo credit: Sharon Swanepoel


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