Jersey family faces a tough battle after their 10-month old son is diagnosed with Neuroblastoma cancer

Avery Grant Cartwright. Contributed photo

Ten days ago while most people were digesting the news on coronavirus and how to cope with social distancing, the Cartwright family from Jersey was facing a personal diagnosis for their 10-month-old baby, Avery Grant, that no family wants to hear.

“We received news on March 17th, 2020, that our sweet Avery Grant may have Neuroblastoma, cancer. They believe the cancer is in his abdomen, liver and covering his facial bone,” Brittany Cartwright wrote.

That was just the beginning. Since then the news hasn’t improved any. Avery had a biopsy on March 19 that confirmed the diagnosis – he has stage four Neuroblastoma.

“Avery will have his first surgery in a few hours to biopsy this tumor and his bone marrow to determine how aggressive this cancer is. We won’t have answers for a while,” Brittany wrote on her Facebook page. “I believe one doctor said it could be up to 2 weeks. They will also put in a PICC line or a port to use for fluids and chemo. I dread this. This feels like my worst fear/nightmare and I just need to wake up.”

Brittany said they put a chemo port in instead of a PICC line. “It’s better for him because he may pull the PICC out,” she said.

“We have some results confirming neuroblastoma. They considered it stage 4. Avery will start chemotherapy on Wednesday after the full-body scan. Please just keep us in your prayers as we start this long journey,” Avery’s father, Grant, wrote.

Wednesday, March 25, chemotherapy began, and with it came more bad news. Avery has high-risk neuroblastoma and will have to undergo at least 2 years’ worth of high dose chemotherapy, tumor removal surgery, radiation and two bone marrow transplant surgeries. The high-dose chemotherapy will probably start in 2 weeks.

Wesley Jackson, of Jersey, has known Brittany all his life and shared the family’s story on Facebook.

“The Cartwright/Jackson family has not reached out to me or asked for help. I took it upon myself to share their story of their sweet baby boy, Avery, and his recent cancer diagnosis. As a community lets all band together and all become #AveryGrantStrong,” Jackson said. “Show this great family love and support during this time. No family is ever prepared for something like this and never will be. But from knowing his mother my entire life, I have no doubt how strong this little boy will be!”

The family will be spending a significant amount of time in the hospital and they will not have a steady income for a while. While the family asks that everyone pray for them and their sweet baby, Avery, if anyone is in a position to help they can donate through a GoFundme page at this link that has been established to help the family.

“PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY,” Brittany wrote on Thursday after receiving the latest news on just how serious the diagnosis is for little Avery. “We serve an AMAZING God that performs miracles every day and we are expecting one for our precious Avery!”

You can follow little Avery’s progress as he fights this battle at the Avery Strong Facebook page.

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