Monroe PD Report: Several complaints of damage to vehicles from potholes

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The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between June 16 – 22, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Trespassing, South Broad St., General Manager advised an unknown subject wearing a green shirt, and camo pants occasionally comes into the store and threatens customers.  Officer’s made contact with subject and issued trespassing citation.
  • Shoplifting, South Broad St., Mayor Thompson saw the shoplifting subject enter a red Avalanche at Hardees, and drive off.  Vehicle was stopped and Harvey Butts arrested for shoplifting.
  • DOA, Green St., Female deceased.  No signs of foul play on scene.  CID notified,
  • Suspicious person, Reed Way., complainant reported subjects on his front porch talking.  Negative on anyone on location.
  • Domestic problem, Clearview, A verbal dispute between two families on location.  Ex-boyfriend and brother of patient, do not get along.  Ex-boyfriend was advised to leave, and the brother allowed to stay to check on his sister, the patient.  Advised about city ordinance for disorderly conduct.
  • Agency Assist, Georgia Avenue, DFCS wanted officer’s to stand by due to parents threatening violence to case workers.  DFCS are advising the parents today that they are not allowing them to see the children (2-year-old and and 3-year-old) anymore.  The mother has tested positive for marijuana and cocaine.  Father tested positive for marijuana.  Parents did not show up for appointment.  All ok.
  • Wanted Person, South Broad St., Subject, Anthony Green, wished to turn himself in.  Warrant confirmed by Rockdale County.  Arrested and met with Rockdale at Black Ink.  Turned over to Rockdale. All ok.
  • Theft, East Fambrough, complainant advised she put mail containing a $47.00 money order in the mailbox belonging to Brenda Brown.  Accused Brenda of stealing the money order due to the bill not being paid.  Report taken.
  • Threats, Classic Trail, complainant who possibly has dementia, said his stepsons brother threatened to fight and shoot him.  The subject was gone on arrival.  Report taken.
  • Dispute, Maple St., Female subject is being evicted from the home.  Her mother’s sister has changed the locks.  Advised complainant of civil remedies
  • Agency Assist, Walker Dr., met with DFCS in reference to 5-month-old twins with bruising on the face.  Children were removed from the home by DFCS.  Male and female subjects being interviewed by CID for possible charges.
  • Suspicious person, West Spring St., Subject on location acting suspicious, and upset.  Spoke with female subject stated she has had a bad day and walked from where her vehicle broke down on Ease Spring Street.  Offered a ride back to her vehicle, she chose to walk. All ok.
  • Domestic problem, Complainant advised her boyfriend entered the residence of her friend and assaulted her and took her phone.  Complainant had been disputing with someone earlier that day, and the boyfriend wanted her phone.  The boyfriend was gone upon officer’s arrival.  His cousin lives at Cook Place.  Officers were given consent to search residence, negative contact.  WTBT on the boyfriend for Simple Battery-FV and Burglary by officer.
  • Damage to property, Highway 138, complainant advised he struck a sink hole on Highway 138 heading south just before Walmart in his 2016 Volkswagen Jetta.  Damage to the front suspension, and wheels.  Report taken
  • 911 Hang Up, Birch St. in regards to anonymous caller stating homeowner is selling drugs. Contact made with homeowner and no signs of 38-D present. All ok.
  • Warrant attempt, Tanglewood Dr.  Anonymous caller advised male subject on location and he has active warrants. Contact made at residence, negative contact with subject.
  • Threats, Storehouse Crt., complainant stated named subject was making threats to her and she recorded them. Video was reviewed and no threats were witnessed. Report taken and complainant advised she would email videos for further review.
  • Damage to property, W. Spring St. (Taco Bell) complainant advised wheel well and tire damaged from pothole on Pinecrest Dr. Report taken.
  • Domestic problem, Baron Dr., complainant stated named male subject chocked and punched her multiple times in the head. No marks or visible injuries were present. Male subject stated they did have a verbal argument and complainant left the residence and went to neighbor’s house. No evidence of domestic violence. Report taken.
  • Damage to property, 2050 W. Spring St. (Walmart) in regards to complainant’s Cadillac striking pothole on Hwy 138 and breaking passenger side front wheel and tire. Report taken
  • DOT arrived on Hwy 138 to fix pothole. Crew leader advised that the entire crew will be back on location later today to fix the hole with asphalt. The hole was temporarily fixed with gravel at this time.
  • Trespassing, Marable Lane, complainant advised a suspicious black male wearing a purple sweater and carrying a large knife walking in his yard. Officer made contact with the subject who was issued a trespass notice. Subject has mental health issues.
  • Warrant Service at the Chevron on South Broad Street and Atha Street. Harold Swords on location with an active probation warrant out of Monroe. Subject arrested, fingerprinted, and taken to jail.
  • Domestic Dispute, Nowell Street in reference to two subjects verbally disputing. One subject requested to get his belongings from the apartment. Officer’s walked through the apartment and he did not have any property on location.
  • Warrant Service, Reed Court. Officer flagged down by female subject who advised she was tired of her husband treating her bad. She then advised he had warrant and was the house. Kenneth Dubose was arrested for probation violation, fingerprinted, and taken to jail.
  • Domestic Dispute, West Vine St., male and female subjects involved in a domestic dispute over infidelity.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, South Madison Ave., subject on location using unsecured WIFI to complete her work on.
  • Civil Matter, East Spring St., Employee stated female customer pumped $36.00 worth of gas, and only had $2.00. Employee paid for the gas for her. Female customer said she will bring her the money tomorrow and pay her back. Employee wanted a report to scare her if she doesn’t pay the money.
  • Fraud report taken at the Monroe Police Department. Complainant advised he was scammed out of $900 from an unknown subject, who stated he could fix is hacked Facebook account.
  • Burglary, Tanglewood Dr., complainant advised between 1900hrs June 20 and 0020hrs June 21, an unknown person(s) entered her residence making forced entry through a rear window of the residence. Her PS4 & 47inch Vizio TV were taken. TV placed onto GCIC.
  • Civil Dispute, Baker St., complainant advised she let her grandson borrow her 2000 Ford Taurus two (2) weeks ago and has not returned it.
  • Entering Auto, West Spring St., Quality Foods. An unknown suspect broke into complainant’s Maroon Chevrolet Malibu and stole a lock box that had a plethora of prescription medications inside.
  • Agency Assist, Walton County Sheriff’s Office was in foot chase with Robert Travis Byron inside of Universal Rundle. Subject was caught and arrested. Subjects have been staying on location, sleeping, and using drugs.
  • Threats, East Church St., Marable Manor. Male subject made statements if he had a gun he would shoot the place up. Staff no longer wanted him as a resident due to his constant urination and defecation on himself. They were in the process of evicting him. Subject was taken to Clearview Hospital for an evaluation.
  • Counterfeit Money at Dairy Queen. Two (2) black males came into the store and ordered $10.58 worth of food. They paid with counterfeit $50 dollar bill – Motion Picture Use Only. The subject received $39.32 in US currency.
  • Warrant Service at Gwinnett County Jail. Carlos Whaley was picked up and transported to the Walton County Detention Center.
  • Follow-Up at Dairy Queen. Employees called and advised the counterfeit subject was back on location. Contact was made with JUVENILE near Popeye’s Chicken. Subject brought to MPD and juvenile complaint filed.
  • Threats, report taken at the Monroe Police Department. A family requested to file a report in reference to their daughter and family being harassed by named subject Advised of Temporary Protection Order process
  • Fight in the area of Pine Ridge Villas parking lot.  20 people fighting in the parking lot.  Upon arrival did not see anyone fighting.  Residents stated they left in cars after they were told police had been called.
  • Loitering, West Spring St., Wal-Mart.  In reference to males selling CD in the parking lot, asked to leave Wal-Mart but refused to leave.  Made contact with an employee on location whom described one subject as being a black male wearing a red and black shirt.  Negative contact with anyone selling items.
  • Juvenile Complaint, Tall Oaks Drive.  Met with complainant who advised today at the Boys and Girls Club, a boy named followed her daughter into a closet and hugged her and tried to kiss her.  Advised the mother to contact Police once the Boys and Girls club opens so we can ID the boy and obtain parents information.  Once that information is obtained a juvenile complaint will be filed.

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