Monroe PD Reports: Adult dispute over candy bar and juvenile dispute over cookie

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The Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for June 22 – 28, 2018. Due to the length, this report was split into five parts. This is the final part. Please note and arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Civil Dispute, East Washington St., reference to complainant wanting police to make his roommate leave the property because he stole change from him before. Complainant was advised to go to the court house and have his roommate legally evicted. Nothing further.
  • Hit-and-run, West Spring St., Walmart, reference to a Black in color Ford F150 Georgia Tag# striking a Beige Chevrolet Impala and leaving the scene. A Walton County Deputy made contact with the vehicle at its listed residence and confirmed the vehicle and driver. Report taken.
  • Stolen Vehicle, Kenndell Court, reference to a black 2003 Ford Expedition taken from the residence at some point between 06/24/2018 & this date. Vehicle has been listed on GCIC as Stolen, report taken. 
  • Suspicious Vehicle, West Spring St., male subject on location under the influence of Methamphetamine. He was taken to Walton Piedmont for treatment and cited for DOC.
  • Agency Assist, Tall Oaks East, reference to standing by on location with DFCS while she provided the family with a safety plan. Everything on location ok.
  • Dispute, North Broad St., Deer Acres Inn, two subjects were disputing over a candy bar.  Dispute mediated.
  • Follow Up from above call, North Broad St., Deer Acres Inn, complainant was upset over female subject leaving with their child.  Parties separated, and female left with the child. 
  • Suspicious Vehicle, West Spring St./Breedlove Dr., MFD observed a vehicle weaving and failing to maintain lane. Contact made with driver at his residence, he did not appear to be under the influence.
  • Traffic Stop, Highway 78/Edmondson Road. Andre Gibbs stopped for multiple traffic violations.  Mr. Gibbs was found to be in possession of marijuana and cocaine. Mr. Gibbs was arrested and turned over to the Walton County Jail.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Union St., male subject was on location sleeping. He was advised find another area to sleep, as he was not a residence of government housing.
  • Civil Issue, New Lacy, reference to male subject on location wanting officers to stand by while he retrieved his items from the residence. Everything on location ok.
  • Drug Possession, Hubbard St., reference to complainant calling and advising named male subject had drugs and drug related items inside one of the shoe boxes that came from her house. Contact was made with male subject, he stated he was not in possession of any drugs.
  • Gunshot Wound, GW Carver Circle, reference to an attempted arm robbery and assault of named victim. notified and responded. Named victim did not suffer any gunshot wounds. 
  • Warrant Served, GW Carver, Darian Jones was arrested on a warrant out of Walton County.
  • Suspicious Person, MLK Jr Blvd., Valero, while officer was assisting a motorist, she was flagged down by multiple individuals in regard to a white male acting erratic on location. Multiple indicators of 38D were observed and the male denied consent to search his vehicle. K-9 responded and indicated on the vehicle. Ecstasy, meth, multiple bags for distribution, and drug related objects were located inside the vehicle. Michael Wimpey was arrested. Warrants to be taken for possession of schedule 1, possession of schedule 2 with intent to distribute, and possession of drug related objects. Due to subject detoxing, we were unable to obtain his fingerprints. He was taken to the Walton County Jail without incident.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, West Spring St., Taco Bell, reference to an employee calling about female subject sleeping in a black Nissan X-Terra in the parking lot. Female subject stated she was just tired and was using their Wi-Fi since 03:00 hours this morning. Female subject was given a warning for loitering and left the premises.
  • Entering Auto, Walker Dr., reference to someone opening the back door of an unlocked work-van and stole approximately $2000 worth of misc. tools.
  • Armed Subject, East Church St., reference to a light skinned and dark skinned black male in a white crown Vic pulling a large firearm out. The situation will be a retaliation from a Night Shift incident. Made contact with the driver of the white crown Vic. who denied having a large firearm. Driver did have a black revolver in his possession Supplemental Report taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Highway 138 towards Monroe, reference to a blue Ford Expedition failing to maintain its lane. Contact made with elderly driver, all ok.
  • Follow-Up, Davis St., reference to Dwayne Harris being on location and transported to the Monroe Police Department where he was later arrested and charged for assaulting named subject.
  • Suspicious Person, North Broad St., Waffle House, reference to male subject being on location acting irate and leaving on foot. Male subject was picked up on Charlotte Rowell and transported to the Piedmont Walton Hospital due to being under the influence of methamphetamine.
  • Civil Dispute, Sporty Lane, mother stated she allowed her daughter to move back in with her approximately a week ago and now wants her gone. Daughter advised she does not stay anywhere else and this location was her residence. Mother became upset when officer tried to explain the eviction process.
  • Suspicious Person, South Broad St., Walton Tribune, reference to a male subject causing a scene over newspaper delivery. Contact made with male subject who advised he’s disabled and he has advised them not to throw newspapers in his driveway. Situation mediated.
  • Damage to Property, East Washington St., reference to complainant’s front driver side window being shattered. No entry was made into the vehicle. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Person, Charlotte Rowell Blvd., reference to a male subject jumping out in front of cars on the roadway. Area checked with negative contact. Possibly the same subject from earlier call who officer dealt with.
  • Dispute, Tanglewood Dr., complainant stated that his ex-girlfriend has been continuously showing up at his residence. He stated she was now gone and everything was ok.
  • Harassment complainant taken at South Broad St., Monroe Police Dept., reference to named female posting inappropriate images of complainant on Snapchat and texting him. Complainant was informed of remedies. Report taken.
  • Theft, Cherry Hill Rd., Walton Logistics, complainant stated an unknown black male in a white 7J Trucking Inc tractor came onto the property on Tuesday June 26, 2018 between 1817 hours and 1831 hours and took an orange Red Hawk Transportation Inc 53 ft trailer off the lot (GA tag #). The male did not have authority or permission to take the trailer. I spoke to employee with Red Hawk Transportation whom confirmed the information. The trailer was placed on GCIC as stolen.
  • Suspicious Person, Eastview Cemetery/Pine Park St., reference to a slim build white male subject in the wood line, Per officer. Checked the property, negative contact.
  • Sexual Assault, Wheelhouse Lane, reference to a possible 15-year-old black male giving a 13-year-old black female a hickie against her will on 06/27/2018 around 2200 hours.
  • Domestic, Sporty Lane, reference to mother from earlier call locking her daughter and a friend out of the residence. Daughter was advised of civil remedies.
  • Suspicious Person, Birch St., reference to a subject riding a dirt bike. The area was searched with negative contact.
  • Juvenile Runaway, West Spring St., Family Dollar, reference to juvenile leaving the store while female was shopping. juvenile did not leave the parking lot, he was located next to female’s vehicle. While on location juvenile was upset over not getting cookie from the store, juvenile finally calmed down and sat in the vehicle while officers talked to female. Juvenile started screaming from inside the vehicle and was still upset about the cookies. When officers made contact to speak with him he exited the vehicle, female and her younger son got into the vehicle, juvenile became combative towards officer and had to be detained. juvenile was placed into handcuff and into the back seat of a patrol vehicle, juvenile intake was contacted and advised they could not detain him. Juvenile was transported to Piedmont Walton for a mental evaluation, DCFS was notified and a juvenile complaint was filed.
  • Domestic, Wheelhouse Lane, reference to mother witnessing her daughter and her boyfriend in a physical altercation. Involved parties were gone when officers arrived.
  • Juvenile Problem, Landers St., complainant stated a small juvenile ran out in front of her vehicle on a big wheel from this location.  The juvenile was asked to keep the big wheel out of the roadway.
  • Suspicious Activity in the area of North Broad St., Golden Pantry, reference to four black male juveniles walking, not breaking any laws. Contact made with juveniles by officer who was walking home to Tanglewood.
  • Suspicious Person, Pine Crest. West Spring St., subject walking in the roadway.  Made contact and everything is ok walking to Conyers GA.
  • Dispute, South Madison Ave., reference to two subjects getting into altercation at Jack Peter’s
  • Meet With complainant, West Spring St., reference to male subject calling police to advise he was intoxicated and lseeping in the Quality Foods shopping center. Found ride for subject as he would not drive.
  • Theft, Wheel House Lane, complainant reported an X-Box One and Play Station 4 was taken during the last two days.
  • Traffic Stop, Hwy 78/Unisa Dr., reference to Demorrio Willis being stopped for tint violation and less than an ounce of marijuana was found in the vehicle.  Willis vehicle was impounded, and Willis was fingerprinted, and released on a copy of the citation.
  • Juvenile Complaint, Wheel House Lane, reference to juvenile from earlier call throwing a pack of bathroom tissue at same female. Juvenile was located at the entrance of Monroe Estates, he was detained and transported back to his residence. Juvenile intake was contacted, advised the charge was not enough to detain juvenile. The mental Health Crisis Center was contacted and advised someone would be in route to the residence, employee from the Crisis Center came out and spoke to female about her options. Juvenile was turned over to female, she advised she would be following up with juvenile court and Advantage Mental Health in the morning. Additional juvenile complaint file for simple battery. This case is under the same case number as the prior incident. Report taken.

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