Monroe PD reports: Police dismantle booby traps set up to damage responding officers vehicles

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Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Feb. 9 – 15, 2018. Due to the length, this report has been broken into five parts. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Juvenile Complaint, Plaza Trace, reference to two subjects disputing about issues at home. Spoke with both parties and gave advice on communicating.
  • Animal Complaint, Amber Trail in reference to a brown dog chasing the complainant.  Made contact with K9 owner on Amber Trail.  The K9 got loose and was already put back up.  All ok.
  • Damage to Property, Spruce Lane, reference to complainant noticing a lock cut off of his enclosed trailer.  Stated he locked the trailer September of 2017 and has not checked it since. The trailer was not entered.  Report taken.
  • Meet with subject, Monroe PD lobby, complainant who resides in Camptowne Gardens advised that she thinks someone has been tampering with her gold Jaguar in the parking lot.  Requested extra patrol.
  • Meet With, South Madison Ave., Reference not being able to start her car. complainant had company working on her vehicle. Made contact with the company who said they would be out to check the vehicle.
  • Follow Up, North Broad St., reference to Case #. Complainant stated the black subject was back at the store and left on foot prior to calling 911.  She also stated his nick name is possibly name given.  Supplemental narrative added. 
  • Welfare Check In the area of Tanglewood Dr. Reference to the complainant hearing children screaming due to being spanked. Unsure which apartment just advised the one before the Brown apartment.  Negative contact with any children being spanked.  Lots of children out playing in the area.
  • Welfare Check, Tanglewood Dr., contact with adult and children.  Children appeared to be ok.  They were playing and eating cookies while watching Sponge Bob Square Pants.  All ok
  • Domestic Dispute, Springer Ln., Spoke with complainant who was assaulted by his girlfriend. Complainant had visible injures but girlfriend was not on scene. Report taken.  
  • Welfare Check, Wheel House, reference to Clearview calling wanting us to make contact with a named female subject subject.  Negative contact with anyone at the residence.
  • Fight, Classic Trail, spoke with complainant who stated that 20 + juveniles were fighting in her front yard. Said juveniles left prior to arrival, conducted an area check and was unable to locate.
  • Elder Abuse, Woodland Rd., complainant requested welfare check in reference to elder abuse. Contact made with male at house, I spoke with male privately, he stated no elder abuse is occurring, but requested extra patrol due to suspicious people coming to his residence. The male would not provide details.
  • Dispute, Cook Pl., two subjects had a verbal dispute about bills and one subject wanted the other to leave for the night. The civil process of eviction was explained, and one subject advised she was going to her sister’s house for the night.
  • Suspicious Person, Tyler Street/North Broad Street. Made contact with Jessica Tanner for loitering. Jessica was arrested for possession of cocaine and drug related objects. Due to Jessica being 8 months pregnant and having stomach pains, she was released to EMS. Felony warrants to be obtained.
  • Meet with Officer, West Spring St., complainant stated he was stranded in Monroe while traveling with subjects he did not feel comfortable with. Complainant resides in Marietta in a half-way house. Contacted Fish who secured a room for him at the Haven Inn for the evening.
  • Dispute, Atha St., spoke with complainant who stated named female that lives at apt number given, came over and started knocking on her door asking to come in because she thinks he husband is inside and cheating on her. Advised both parties to remain separate, nothing further.
  • Suspicious Person, Lawrence St., complainant stated she saw someone standing in her yard and that he dogs where barking. Conducted an area check with negative contact. 
  • Suspicious Vehicle, South Broad St/Walker Dr., Anonymous complainant stated a silver Ford Focus was failing to maintain lane, conducted area check with negative contact.
  • Suspicious Person, Lakeview Dr., complainant called while walking on the roadway. He was located on Walton Rd and Marable St. He stated that he was not feeling good and appeared very intoxicated. Complainant was given a ride home to Lanius Ave.
  • Dispute, West Spring St., complainant stated her fare (named male subject) has directed her to multiple hotels in the area and is now refusing to exit her vehicle. Complainant was provided a police escort to Deer Acres Inn. Contact was made with the sister, she was informed of his location.
  • Stolen Vehicle, Wellington Dr., mother said her son stole her vehicle after midnight.  Mother located son and her vehicle on Douglas Street.  Son was arrested and transported to Juvenile Court.
  • Harassment, Mountain View Dr., complainant advised that named subject’s children have been harassing her and throwing trash in her yard. Made contact with both parties each had conflicting stories. Ongoing issue between the parties. Complainant just wanted to inform Monroe PD on the issue but not report requested.
  • Warrant Served, Alcovy St., Marcus Maddox with a valid Probation Violation warrant.  Transported to the Walton County Jail without incident. 
  • Meet with subject at Quality Foods in reference to a vehicle that’s been on location for a period of time.  Silver Chevy Malibu been on location for a while.  They were advised on the tow process.
  • Shoplifting, Dollar General on E. Spring St.  B/M took frozen dinners and was gone towards Baker St.  Employee from Dollar General advised he was able to get the merchandise back but would like to have the subject barred if he is located. 14-year-old located on Colquitt Street and transported back to dollar general where he was ID.  14-year-old has been barred from property.  Transported him home where he was turned over to step-dad who explained they have nonstop problems with 14-year-old and he is on Probation for Burglary and other charges.
  • Suspicious Person, DQ reference a black male wearing red shoes and dark clothing. Contact was made with male subject who was dropped off at Taylors last night and missed his bus connection to South Carolina. Taylors took care of his ticket and he will be boarding the next bus in approximately 1 hours. All was ok.
  • Damage to Property, South Broad St. (John’s Supermarket).  Owner reported the Coca Cola machine in front of the store damaged.  Security camera caught a white passenger car driven by a black male pull up in front of the store.  B/M exited the vehicle and approached the machine.  Unable to read a tag number front the store camera footage.  Report taken.
  • Warrant Pickup, Alcovy St., Nathan Lucas on location with a valid Probation Violation warrant through Walton County. Subject arrested and transported to the Walton County Jail without incident.  Report Taken. 
  • Suspicious Person, S Madison Ave, complainant on location requesting assistance and advised FISH staff he was suicidal.  Asked complainant if he wanted to do harm to himself and he said no. Requested a ride to Huddle House.
  • Harassing Phone Calls, Felker Park, complainant advised that a subject named had been threatening her through text messages. A report was not requested. Complainant did request extra patrol on Vine St.  throughout the night.
  • Suspicious Person, Lawrence St., mother advised that her kids were outside and an unknown white male with a blue shirt and blue jeans walked into the woods and continued walking through the woods. Checked the area with negative contact
  • Suspicious vehicle, Meadow Walk Dr, Anonymous caller stated that a white Camaro was speeding and revving his car. Conducted an area check and located vehicle unoccupied.
  • Welfare Check, Harris St., Benchmark requested welfare check of male subject after he made threats. Contact made with mother who advised everything was okay, and her son has not been at the residence all day.
  • Civil Matter, Fusionz Bar and Grill, City Marshall served both owners of Fuzion civil paperwork revoking their alcohol license.
  • Dispute, Harris St., complainant stated that name subject was at his home and refusing to leave. Made contact whit subject and escorted her off the property, informed her not to return.
  • Suspicious, West Creek Cir., male subject was seen consuming an alcoholic beverage in the roadway. He was advised of the city ordinances and went to his residence without incident.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, South Broad St., complainant was concerned a vehicle was following her. Officer provided her an escort to the city limit.
  • Suspicious Person, Landers St., complainant arrived home to find Debra Martin sleeping inside his home. Currently complainant has a protection order that prevents Debra from being on the property. Debra was arrest for said violation, report taken.
  • 911 Hang Up, Lawrence St., contact made with resident, she advised her dogs were barking possibly at someone outside.
  • Entering Auto, Windsor Dr., complainant reported her vehicle entered and a laptop and calculator missing. Report taken. Occurred 02/14
  • Threats, Meadowbrook Dr., complainant stated that he father’s ex-girlfriend keeps calling her and stating she wants to fight her. I advised her of civil remedies.
  • Suspicious Person, North Broad St./Hwy 78, Anonymous complainant stated a male subject was walking along the roadway and appeared to have difficulty breathing. Conducted area check with negative contact.
  • Traffic Stop, N Broad St at Highland Ave., Lacresha Vinson was arrested for a warrant out of Newton County.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Blaine St./North Bd., Made contact with two people sleeping in a car. Male subject advised they were homeless and pulled over for the night to sleep. Subject was advised that he was not allowed to be there and left the scene.
  • Area Check, West Vine St., (Universal-Rundell), Officers conducted an area check and located multiple suspected booby traps. The items were disassembled and removed. The items included metal bars angled to damage a vehicle’s radiator, glass jar designed to warn subjects of the officer’s presence, and other items designed to impede patrol vehicles.

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