Monroe PD Reports: Report of juvenile being ‘jumped’ by 4 others at school bus stop

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The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between Feb.3 – 9, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into four parts. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Traffic Stop on Church Street at Pine Park Street. Angel Vaughn arrested for driving without a license. Fingerprinted and released on citation.
  • Entering Auto on Mill Street. Samir advised someone entered his unlocked vehicle during the night and stole several items. No fingerprint traces located.
  • Suspicious Vehicle on Highway 78 westbound near Unisia Drive in reference to an Atha Rental truck losing debris in the roadway. Area checked with negative contact and no debris found in roadway.
  • Domestic in the area of Young Pines (West Creek Circle) in reference to a black male with no shirt and a mixed female wearing a white tee shirt in a physical altercation. Area checked with negative contact and complainant did not want to meet with police.
  • Drug Activity in the area of Davis Street. Caller advised a group of subjects were selling drugs.
  • Traffic Stop on Harris Street near Davis Street. Arrested for possession of marijuana less than one ounce. Fingerprinted and released on copy of citation.
  • Juvenile Complaint on Ridge Road in reference to juvenile being jumped by four (4) juveniles at the bus stop.
  • Suspicious Person, North Broad Street. Reference a black male locking through the store window.  Employee was scared.  She described male subject. Units checked the area negative contact.
  • Domestic, Barron Drive, two subjects arguing over male subject not leaving the residence.  We advised the eviction process. All ok.
  • Juvenile Complaint at Nowell Rec Center, subject walked away from boot camp.  Located subject on Alcovy Street and took him back to boot camp.
  • Domestic, Plaza Drive, male and female subject’s arguing over male throwing a pizza against the wall.  Male left for a couple of hours.  Nothing physical.
  • Theft, Broad Street Dollar General, male and female subject’s possible stole multiple items from store but unknown what they took.  Manager will review the video to try and reconcile items and amounts. Report Taken.
  • Welfare check, Unisia Drive Walmart Distribution Center. Made contact with a employee who accidentally pushed his emergency button.  He was ok.
  • EMS assists on Indian Creek Drive. Person fell and could not open the door for EMS. Officer had to break into the residence to allow EMS to assist person. Person was turned over to EMS after entry was made.
  • EMS assist on Breedlove Dr., EMS needed to gain entry to a gated community.  EMS was assisted and patient was turned over to EMS.
  • Patient being combative at Clearview Medical Center. Medical paper’s signed and patient was calmed down by officers and took medication.
  • Fire Assist on North Midland Ave. Pot Luck.  Deep Fryer caught fire.  Put out prior to FD arrival.  Everything ok.
  • Theft on East Tall Oaks Drive in reference to a stolen gun taken from complainant’s dresser. Residence secure and no forced entry made. Ruger LC9 taken – no serial number.
  • Suspicious Person at Jack Peter’s Store, early male in stages of dementia and doesn’t know where he’s at. EMS notified and we later determined if resides on Breedlove Drive. The wife was escorted to location to driver male back home and she was advised to hide the car key.
  • Unattended Death on East Marable Street. Male subject found DOA in the bed by a friend. Long medical history and possible overdose due to 42 pills missing from bottle filled yesterday.
  • Welfare Check, Spruce Lane in reference to small juveniles playing in the roadway, unattended supervision. Contact made with the mother who was called to get her children. The female watching the children was asleep.
  • Identity Theft report taken at the Monroe Police Department. Complainant advised someone opened a bank account in New York, using his name.
  • Suspicious Vehicle on Bryant Road – Athens Technical College. Complainant advised white passenger car being on location for a few days. Vehicles belongs to a student who was located and moved the vehicle.
  • Suspicious Person on North Broad Street in reference to a white male with a gray beard acting suspicious inside the store. Subject wearing a red and black jacket, yelled at staff, and left prior to police arrival. Area checked with negative contact.
  • Pedestrian Crash on Birch Street. Complainant allegedly struck by a vehicle driven by male subject. Conflicting stories by both parties and witness did not observed complainant get struck by a vehicle.
  • Harassment at Graystone Church. Complainant stated a scam phone number called him stating they were from publishers clearing house and then stated they were from ISIS and they were going to blow up his house. The phone number was traced to Kingston Jamaica and it was a scam hotline.
  • Shoplifting at the East Spring Street Dollar General. Female subject concealed a phone charger in shirt, but put it back prior to leaving the store. Subject barred from the store.
  • Juvenile Complaint, Clubside Court in reference to 16 year-old behavior problems, causing disturbance with grandparents. Juvenile just released from Summit Ridge last date.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, on Highway 11, southbound, towards the city in reference to a small white passenger car unable to maintain lane. Area checked with negative contact.
  • Fraud, East Washington Street – Athens First Bank. On February 2, 2017 a young black female came into the bank and completed a $1600 cash advance transaction on a stolen credit card.
  • Identity Theft report taken at the Monroe Police Department. Complainant advised she being released from the hospital last year she began receiving noticed of money being withdrawn from her Chase Bank account from a business – Straight Drop Audio Alarms located in Austell, GA.
  • Suspicious Vehicle on Highway 78 near Unisia Driver. Caller advised the driver of a black Ford Escape was unable to maintain his lane. Made contact with driver at Bank of America.
  • Meet with Subject on South Broad Street. Complainant wanted to know what to do about her father saying he was going to bring the police to pick her up and bring her to his residence. Subject has medical condition and advised of remedies.
  • Suspicious Person, South Broad Street – CVS in reference to complainant stating a black female on bicycle at the Post Office earlier today was panhandling for money. Advised to dial 9-1-1 if she sees her doing it again.
  • Suspicious Vehicle on Highway 78 westbound in reference to a dark Nissan passenger car with strong odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle. Vehicle located and no probable caused established to conduct a traffic stop.
  • Medical Subject on Birch Street. Seventy-five (75) year old female being combative. Transported to hospital by EMS.
  • Domestic problem, Non-Violent on Clubside Court.  Juvenile contacted the police due to grandmother physically punishing her grandson.  Grandson was cussing and getting in the face of his 70-year-old grandfather.  Grandparents are sending him back to Penn in the morning to be with his parents.
  • Discharging Firearms in the area of East Marable St.  Officer did a search of the area and negative contact with any evidence of a firearms discharging
  • Fraud Report taken at Monroe Police, complainant wanted to let police know of a scam.  The complainant was given a check to cash and send it to an address.  Complainant did not cash the checked and it was taken into evidence.  Report complete at the request of the complainant.
  • Harassing Phone calls at Moe’s, W Spring Street.  Caller advised she is getting calls from a male subject a former family friend keeps calling Moe’s to harass an employee. Report Completed
  • Damage to Property on Unisia Drive Hitachi  2016 Volkswagen Passat came out of work and noticed damage to the vehicle Report completed
  • Domestic problem, Non-Violent on Windsor Drive, Husband and Wife arguing due to a possible divorce looming in the future. No threats or physical violence.  All parties remained in the residence but will stay separated.

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