Monroe PD Reports: Stolen purse tracked to home of alleged thief by phone

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The Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period June 22 – 28, 2018. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Custody Dispute, Nowell St., complainant stated her grandson from a previous call returned home and a dispute took place between complainant and her niece, Report declined. Situation mediated, remedies provided.
  • Meet with officer on S. Broad St., Latosha Adams stated she was arrested last night and had questions in reference to her conditions of bond.
  • Theft, West Spring St., complainant advised that she left her purse in a buggy in the parking lot of WalMart. She noticed that she had left it once she returned home. Video footage shows a white Nissan passenger car pull up to the buggy and a male take the purse and then drive away. A copy of the video was not obtained due to the manager on location not knowing how to copy it. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Person, Officer observed subject walking in the middle of the roadway on East Spring and Blain Street. Subject was identified and was released with a warning.
  • Suspicious vehicle, Chestnut Lane, reference to a dark color passenger car riding through area without lights on. Negative Contact. All ok.
  • Dispute, Davis St., reference to complainant disputing with male subject. Parties separated. All Ok. Report Taken
  • Follow Up, South Madison Ave., complainant pinged her phone to this address. Made contact with Gustavo Zepeda who admitted to taking the purse. Purse was recovered, and Mr. Zepeda was taken into custody for theft of mislaid property.
  • Dispute, Mill Creek Way, caller stated there was some sort of dispute but there was a language barrier with dispatch. Officers made contact with complainant who advised of a suspicious vehicle. The vehicle was identified as the mother looking for her child from call above. 
  • Dispute, Waffle House, Hwy. 78/Unisia Dr. Customer arguing with staff. Customer was gone when officers arrived. All ok.
  • Suspicious person, Glen Iris Dr., black male looking in the back of his truck. Subject said to have on a white tank top with black shorts and white and red shoe’s. I was told the subject cut back towards Turner St between houses. Negative contact with the subject.
  • Domestic, Walker Dr., couple arguing over a Facebook messenger comment. Female exited the vehicle on her own. No evidence of physical violence. Report taken.
  • Sexual Abuse report taken at South Broad St., Subject reported sexual abuse of his daughter. Report taken.
  • Threats, East Church St., relates to the 10-73 call. Male subject (alleged suspect) escorted to the police department to be interviewed further by officer.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Birch St., complainant said she had a vehicle follow her from Walmart to Anytime Fitness due to almost hitting her in the parking lot. Complainant said car left after she left Anytime fitness. All ok.
  • Theft, Davis St., complainant said he noticed his license plate was missing along with the screws. Tag number will be placed on GCIC as stolen plate.
  • EMS Assist, 4th St., elderly male on the ground crawling.  had fallen and was conscious but seemed disoriented.  Checked close by personal care homes.
  • Assault, Piedmont Walton, female patient told staff she was assault by a boyfriend. Upon contact she did not want to talk to the police or provide any information. She did not have any visible injures at this time.
  • Juvenile Complaint, Ridge rd., reference to kids on the playground. All the kids live in the complex all ok.
  • Animal Complaint, Walton Rd., reference to a snake being inside the residence.
  • Suspicious Person, Vine St., reference to a juvenile riding an ATV in the trailer park. Area was checked with negative contact.
  • Domestic, Reed Way, reference to two subjects being involved in a physical dispute. Warrant to be taken on one of the subjects for FV Battery.
  • Dispute, Birch St., reference to couple being in a verbal dispute.  During the dispute the female began having medical issues.  Female was checked out by ems.  It was determined a crime did not occur.  Report taken.
  • Warrant Executed, Lacy St., fit located Jabbarius Green on Lacy with active warrants. Upon arrival another subject Anthony Lee fled on foot, both subjects were caught and arrested. Lee was charged with DOC 62-1.
  • Theft, Harvest Ln., complainant stated that his Glock was taken from his car last week. Gun was placed on GCIC report taken.
  • Dispute, Cook Place, complainant called stating Dextwon Jones was on location and that he had an active TPO.  Contact was made with Mr. Jones and it was determined there was not an active TPO but he did have an active warrant out of Gwinnett County for battery.  Mr. Jones was taken into custody.  Report taken.
  • Dispute, Southside MHP, complainant stated female subject was on location refusing to leave. Female was attempting to gather her belongings. Complainant possibly on methamphetamine.
  • Unknown Law, McDainel St. Multiple callers advised of a female in the road yelling and running around. Contact with female, who requested to be taken to the hospital. Subject was transported to Piedmont Walton and admitted for a mental evaluation.
  • Warrant Service, Tanglewood Dr. Ofc was notified Jamarcus Sullivan was at the residence. After confirming active warrants through dispatch officers apprehended him at the residence without incident.
  • Prowler, N Nowell St., homeowner advised someone knocked on their door this morning and left. Checked the area with negative contact.
  • Stolen Vehicle, South Broad St., Southside Mobile Home Park, reference to a green Expedition being stolen from the residence. The vehicle was involved in a single vehicle collision in Social Circle. There was no one on location upon SCPD’s arrival, vehicle owner, was advised of the incident by SCPD and notified them that his brother had the vehicle. I spoke with owner and his brother who stated the vehicle was last seen at midnight and they usually leave the keys inside the vehicle and use the key pad. Owner did not know the vehicle was missing. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Person, West Spring St., Murphy USA, reference to Travis Brown being on location digging through garbage cans in the Walmart parking lot. Brown had an active warrant for probation violation and was charged with Possession of Schedule I substance after heroin was located in his vehicle search incident to arrest. Brown was fingerprinted and released to the Jail.
  • Suspicious Person, East Spring St., Gray Orthodontics, reference to a white male sitting on the property asking patients if they’re nurses. The subject appeared to be hurt in some way, complainant said that he was limping. Subject was gone when officers arrived, negative contact.
  • Meet with Officer, Felker St., reference to reckless vehicles. Complainant requested extra patrol in reference to speeding and reckless vehicles traveling on Felker Street all times throughout the day and night. In addition, he stated he has witnessed multiple criminal activities occurring on Felker Street and the alley behind him; and has seen little police presence in the area.
  • Civil Dispute, Pine Park St., reference to roommates disputing over DVD’s. Made contact with complainant who stated her roommate took some of her movies and will not return them. I then spoke with the roommate who stated he doesn’t have complaint’s DVD’s. Roommate also stated he will be packing his things and is leaving the residence. Both parties were advised of civil matter and will need to handle the situation through the courts.
  • Suspicious Trailer, North Broad St., City Hall, reference to a trailer in the back-parking lot that has been on location for a few days. I spoke to the registered owner whom stated he sold the trailer to an individual approximately 2.5 years ago. He stated he could not remember the name of the individual. The trailer was towed by towing company.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Highway 138 towards Monroe city limits, in reference to a blue Honda accord driving recklessly. Observed vehicle traveling and obeying all traffic laws.
  • Traffic Stop, Highway 78 Eastbound, reference to driver operating her boyfriend’s black Toyota Camry without insurance and suspended registration. Driver was issued two citations and the vehicle was towed by towing company. 
  • Suspicious Person, Fleeting Way, reference to a juvenile seeing a female upstairs that did not live there. Officer made contact with the mother whom advised no one else was supposed to be on location and was on her way back. Officers cleared the residence and did not find any persons on location. All ok.
  • Agency Assist, Georgia Ave., DFCS, reference to an irate female possibly on drugs and causing a scene while visiting her child. Subject made suicidal threats and was later transported to Piedmont-Walton for a medical evaluation.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, West Spring St., Walmart, reference at a silver Kia Sorento parked on row 11. Walmart staff was concerned that something was wrong because the vehicle have been parked on location for four days. Checked the VIN through NCIC/GCIC and the vehicle returned ok. Attempted to make contact with the registered owner but the number was disconnected. Nothing further.

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