Monroe PD Reports: X-box, 17 pairs Jordon shoes reported stolen

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The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between Feb.3 – 9, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into four parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Control substance problem Carver Pl – Anonymous complaint advised that they could smell dope in the area. On 2nd call the caller advised that it was named subject selling dope. This call was cleared both times due to not having any officers available.
  • Harassment @ S. Broad St., – Complainant advised that named male subject was throwing items at the trailer. Made contact with resident at the home and she was asleep. She was not aware of the call. Named male was not outside while searching the area.
  • Domestic at E. Tall Oaks – female and Justin Caldwell fighting. Justin Caldwell was arrested for battery (FV).
  • Domestic at Overlook Crest – complainant stated that male subject broke into the residence. Made contact with male subject who advised that he used his key to enter the back door. Male subject advised that he was moving out and had already gathered his belongings. Male subject was given a courtesy ride to Checker’s and wait for his ride.
  • Juvenile Complaint at Camptowne Gardens.  Student did not want to get on the bus.  She was escorted to the bus stop but would not get on bus.  Student was given an escort to Carver Middle School and turned over to the SRO.  All ok.
  • Harassing phone calls, Launius Ave., complainant advised that named subject was sending messages by Facebook wanting to fight.  Complainant was advised to block her and was advised on the Good behavior warrant process.
  • Medical call, Oak Ridge.  Subject hallucinating possibly from Meth.  She refused treatment.  All ok.
  • Welfare check in the area of S. Broad St and Atha St.  Male subject fell off bike and laying on side of the road.  Male subject was located at S. Broad and Fambrough.  He was checked by EMS and refused transport.  Subject was picked up by a friend.  All ok.
  • Officer’s called to Springer Ln.  Reference to male and female subjects staying in an unsafe location due to fire damage.  Subjects stayed at apartment last date.  Verbal dispute while on location.  Parties separated.  All ok.
  • Welfare check at Claywill Cir.  Daughter sent her mother a text saying she was going to kill herself.  Daughter was checked ok.
  • Domestic problem, Carwood Dr. Verbal dispute between male and female subjects.  Male subject was gone when police arrived.
  • Domestic problem, Amber Trl, complainant advised her boyfriend pushed her against the wall.  No physical evidence and boyfriend was gone when police arrived.
  • Officer’s called to Oak Ridge.  Reference to female leaving on foot.  Female called while officers were on location and advised of her location.  All ok.
  • Domestic problem, Glen Iris Drive, Parties arguing over living arrangements.  Eviction process explained.
  • Officer’s called to Alcovy Street, complainant stated that the City of Monroe utilities is leaving her trash can in the middle of her driveway after trash pickup.  Requested a report be filed.  Report taken.
  • Theft at 4th Street, complainant stated that someone in a white truck took two wicker chairs that were on her front porch this morning.  Neighbor stated that the chairs were across the street out by the trash, and the white truck picked them up.  Made contact with Johnathan Brownlee and the white truck on 3rd Street.  He stated that he was told he could have them, and picked them up this morning. Chairs were returned, and complainant did not wish to press charges due to the misunderstanding.
  • Burglary, Towler Street, Between hours of 1700 and 2100, the residence was entered.  An Xbox 1, and 17 pair of Jordan shoes were taken.  No signs of forced entry. Xbox 1 entered on GCIC. Report taken.
  • Officer’s called to Double Springs Road, Caller was lost, and needed directions. Officer assisted.
  • Domestic problem, Parkway Place, complainant stated that boyfriend slapped her in the face during a dispute.  The named subject fled on foot prior to arrival. WTBT Simple Battery by officer.
  • Domestic problem, East Church Street, intoxicated female on the hood of male’s truck.  Arguing about him sleeping with his cousin.  Parties separated.
  • Dispute at Nowell St.  Roommates disputing over eviction.  Their disputing over living arrangements.  Citations issued to two subjects for DOC.  Parties separated.  All ok.
  • Suspicious vehicle, Green St.  Reference to vehicles parked in front of residence.  Vehicles were moved.  All ok.
  • Domestic problem report at Monroe PD lobby.  Complainant advised he was in a physical altercation with his wife on 2/3/17 around 2000 hrs, Complainant advised he was punched in the mouth and pushed down resulting in stitches to the side of his head.  Complainant did not want to report the incident due to him being a jailer at the county.  Complainant received 7 stitches.
  • Officer’s called to meet with a subject at Monroe PD lobby.  Reference to property lines.  Referred to zoning.  All ok.
  • Officer’s called to meet with subject in the Monroe PD lobby.  Identity theft.  Complainant advised that a subject at Nationwide Tax Service filed his quoted tax information without his consent, but he refused to sign once he got a better deal at BOWLEG TAX SERVICE on Green St.
  • Dispute at E Fambrough St.  Subject disputing with landlord.  Parties separated.  All ok.
  • Domestic problem, Knight St., male and female were in a verbal dispute.  Male was gone when officers arrived.  All ok.
  • Theft report at Ridge Rd.  Subject advised his wife took all the belongings while he was in jail.  Advised of remedies.
  • Damage to Property at East Church Street, A full size Chevrolet truck struck the complainants retaining wall at the front of her driveway.  The truck pulled off toward Davis Street.
  • Burglary in Progress at New Lacy Street, complainant stated that someone was trying to get in his front door.  Negative on burglary.  All ok.
  • Missing Person at Old Mill Point, 14-year-old has not returned home from an after school event.  School bus arrived with child prior to Officer’s arrival.  Officer called to disregard by complainant.
  • Domestic problem, Ash Street, Male and female both intoxicated, and arguing. Male complained of being cut, although not enough probable cause to apply for warrant.  Parties separated, and report taken.
  • Suspicious Person at Booth Drive & Oak Street, male subject was walking around, talking loudly.  Subject is homeless, and declined an escort.  Left the scene walking.  All ok.
  • Mechanical breakdown on Charlotte Rowell and Highway 78 West, Semi-truck broke down, checked to see if needed help.  Driver, Gregory Harris, arrested for Family Violence Battery warrants out of Columbus Ga.  Transported to jail, and truck towed by towing co.
  • Theft at North Broad Street Waffle House, Two subjects left without paying for food. Left in a red truck.  Negative contact.  Report taken
  • Suspicious Vehicle on Birch Street in reference to a silver Dodge Charger parked on location. Vehicle belongs to the son of the tenant who resides at Birch Street. All ok.
  • Shoplifting at Chestnut Cupboard in reference to a white female inside the store stealing snacks. The items were recovered prior to officer’s arrival and store clerk declined prosecution or an incident report.
  • Domestic, East 5th Street in reference to male and female subjects in a physical altercation. Female became irate after male told her to leave the residence. Female attempted to stab male, hit him in the head with a liquor bottle and stabbed the TV in the living room. Female was gone upon officer arrival. Warrants to be taken for Aggravated Assault and Criminal Damage to Property.
  • Harassment, North Broad Street in reference to photograph business being slandered and tarnishing business credibility online.
  • Agency Assist on Nowell Street. Walton County Animal Control requested assistance with a deceased dog call. CID notified and responded. Kizzy was arrested for Humane Treatment and released on copy of citation.

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