Monroe PD Reports: Man on roadside in boxers said he got ants in his pants

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The Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period May 11 – 17, 2018. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note and arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Child Custody Dispute, Woodland Rd., dispute between mother and daughter.  Mother was given custody of daughter’s son today in court.  The child was given over to mother prior to officer arrival.
  • Juvenile Complaint, Nowell St., reference complainant stated at approximately 1600 multiple juveniles comes to her yard and fight and request extra patrol daily.
  • Dispute, Breedlove Dr (Ridgeview), female on location disputing with staff in reference to her mother not being released. Complainant was not on location at this time and negative contact by phone.
  • Juvenile complaint, King St., spoke with complainant who was having problems with her 17-year-old son. Advised her on remedies.
  • Juvenile Complaint, East Marable St., reference to juvenile being unruly.  Her mother advised that juvenile did not want to move from the residence and would not leave with her.  No law was broken.  Report taken.
  • Fraud, Bold Springs Rd. spoke with complainant who stated that after using his card at this location he noticed that his card was being used at other gas stations. This is the 3rd time this has happened after using his car at this location. Report Taken.
  • Follow up, Breedlove Dr (Ridgeview), female back on location disputing with staff regarding her mother. Situation mediated. Female provided a list of remedies.
  • Meet Officer, Lakeview Dr., officer met complainant regarding her getting belongings from Lakeview Drive.  Officer made contact with resident and advised him of the situation.  He had all her belongings in a box and put them at the end of the driveway.  Officer stood by as she gathered her belongings.  All ok. 
  • Fight in the area of Lacy St., officers checked the area with negative contact.
  • Suspicious Person, Eagles Trail, anonymous complainant stated a black male subject was standing near the mailbox, subject was gone when officers arrived.
  • Warrant Pick up at Newton County Jail, Maurice Craft was picked up on a Probation Violation and transported to the Walton County Jail without incident.
  • Suspicious Person, Walton Rd./John Deere Rd., reference to a black male in his boxer’s shorts with a red towel sitting alongside of the road.  Contact was made with male subject who stated he walked in an ant bed on his way to Athens Tech and ants had gotten into his pants.  He requested a ride to Athens Tech for GED classes.
  • Fight, West Marable St., reference to subject verbally disputing with a recycling disposal worker about not picking up his garage. Disposal crew gone when officers arrived, subject could not give description of the worker and advised to call back if needed.
  • Meet at Valero N. Broad St.  Reference to a mother wanting to go to an address in Tanglewood to check on her son.  Son was returned home after being located.
  • Domestic Dispute, Meadow Walk Dr,. dispute between mother and her son. Son was gone prior to arrival, warrants to be taken for Simple Assault and Criminal Trespass (Family Violence)
  • Meet with manager Tall Oaks Dr., the property manager for Tall Oaks received a phone call from a female who advised her name was given and that she needed help. The manager advised there is a female that lives at West Marable. Contact was made with female at West Marable, but it was the wrong person. Officer made contact with a female phone and she advised she lives in Covington. Dispatch contacted Covington PD.
  • Fraud, South Broad St., complainant wanted a report in reference to someone illegally using his bank account to make a purchase in California.
  • Intoxicated person, Walton Family Medicine, subject left in a white Honda passenger car.  Negative contact.
  • Other Law, South Broad St. Subject had additional info regarding a traffic accident that Georgia State Patrol worked in Oconee County. She was referred to GSP.
  • Wanted Person, Meadow Walk Drive. In reference to Willard Anderson Jr being back on location with active warrants from incident earlier this date. Anderson was located during an area check of the neighborhood driving a Blue PT Cruiser and Officer conducted a traffic stop and took Anderson into custody. Anderson was transported to the police department, fingerprinted, and transported to the Walton County Jail where he was released into their custody without issue.
  • Civil Issue, MPD Lobby, complainant wanting to speak with Officer regarding to placement of his grandmother’s furniture. Complainant was advised of civil remedies.
  • Welfare check, Vine St., resident allowed a walkthrough of the residence.  No signs of drugs.
  • Theft Carver Place, complainant advised that someone took her sister’s phone on 04/22/2018 while her sister was being transported to the hospital. Complainant stated that the neighbor took the phone. I spoke with the neighbor and she stated she did not have the phone. I advised complainant to have her sister contact the phone carrier to attempt to locate the phone and for her sister to call back if she wishes to file a report.
  • Civil Issue MPD Lobby. complainant wanting to speak with Officer about a subject in reference to the lobby call earlier this date regarding furniture. Complainant was advised of civil remedies.
  • Dispute South Broad St. Subject’s verbally disputing regarding one having the others phone. After a consent search of one’s room and property nobody was found to be in possession of a phone. Parties separated.
  • Trespass, Vine St.,  Complainant stated an unknown male subject was in his warehouse. Subject was identified, and he was an employee of the old tenant living on location, subject was removed from the residence. Complainant did not wish to press charges. Situation mediated.
  • Missing Person, Georgia Ave., reference to subject walking out of the building while in custody of DFACS. Subject returned while Officers were on scene. A report was completed to document the incident.
  • Theft King St. Spoke with complainant who stated she had family at her house on Sunday, when her 18-year-old granddaughter stole $100 from her. Report taken.
  • Burglary Tall Oaks West, reference to multiple items being taken by juveniles that were not supposed to be on location.  While speaking to the victim her son arrived on location and was very agitated.  Son was trying to fight his step dad and no obeying Officers commands.  During the course of the incident the son was detained and DJJ was contacted.  They advised they would not detain the juvenile and to release him to his parents.  A juvenile complaint form was filled out on son for disorderly conduct and obstruction.  Report taken.
  • Agency Assist, Towler St., DFACS requested assistance regarding a safety check and recent allegations of child molestation. It was determined the alleged molestation occurred in Rockdale County. DFACS advised they would contact Rockdale SO for a report.
  • EMS Assist, North Midland Ave., complainant called in reference to believing an elderly neighbor needed medical attention.  While speaking to complainant it was apparent she was under the influence of narcotics.  EMS spoke to the neighbor and she advised she was ok.
  • Unknown, Atha St., reference to complainant calling because her smoke detector was going off. The detector had a dead battery all ok.
  • EMS Assist, Nowell St., reference to an elderly male unconscious. Male was found conscious on arrival and advised he was only having trouble breathing. Turned over to to MED 1.
  • Burglary, Tanglewood Dr., complainant advised sometime between 1200 hours yesterday and this morning someone entered her residence and stole her Magnavox 55-inch T.V. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, North Broad St. Monroe City Hall, reference to a white van parked on location for the past few days. Contact made with corporate office and they will make contact with driver of van to have it removed from location.
  • Dispute, Irving St., reference to subject’s disputing over property. Report taken.
  • Civil Issue, West Marable St., reference to Trista Dobbs wanting to get property from the residence. Dobbs was arrested on an active Aggravated Assault warrant and transported to the Walton County Detention Center. Supplemental added to original report.
  • Harassment report taken at MPD, complainant advised an Indian male has continuously been calling her residence the past two days trying to get her to do an update on her computer. Complainant advised she needed a report in order to get Windstream to block number.
  • Juvenile Complaint, Birch St., grandmother verbally disputing with her grandson over not taking his medication for his mental disorder. Grandson was gone when officers arrived but returned to the residence during Officer presence. Grandmother advised to contact a counselor for her grandson. Situation mediated, and parties separated.
  • Theft, Davis St., reference to complainant stating someone stole her Green House from behind her residence. Report taken.
  • Theft, MPD, complainant stated his son’s HP Star Wars edition Darth Vader laptop was taken sometime between 2130 hours last date and 0400 hours this date. Negative contact with laptop at the pawn shops. Item placed on GCIC.
  • Dispute, East Church St., neighbor’s disputing over an incident from earlier. Both parties were advised to stay off each other’s property. Parties separated.

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