MPD Report: Disputes, assaults, entering autos and several homeless assists

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The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Dec. 28 – Jan. 3, 2019. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Lost or Mislaid Property, Pine Park St., reference to complainant misplacing his black Ruger 9mm handgun. Firearm entered onto GCIC and report taken.
  • Area Check, South Broad St., reference to complainant saying group of people having a gathering in the park and fear they might vandalize area. Park checked with no signs of gathering at this time.
  • Prowler, West Tall Oaks, made contact with the complainant who stated someone knocked on her door and tapped rocks on her table in the side yard. Area checked and all ok.
  • Noise Complaint, Arcadia Court, the party disbursed prior to officer’s arrival.
  • Dispute, Landers St., reference to complainant calling to report an assault. Upon arrival she refused to speak with officers but allowed them see her.
  • Assault, Camptown Gardens, reference to complainant stating she was assaulted by named subject. Report taken.
  • Dispute, Custom Way, Brianna Brown was arrested for disorderly conduct and Violating Conditions of Bond during a dispute with a male subject.
  • Dispute, Cloverdale, reference to two subjects disputing and one subject not leaving the property. That subject taken home and parties separated.
  • Entering Auto, East 5th St., complainant flagged the officer down and advised she needed to file a report for an entering auto that occurred last date around 2100-2230 hours. Report taken.
  • Meet with Officer, Glen Iris Dr., reference to the complainant stating she has firework debris in her yard from last date. She was concerned the neighbors shot them in her yard on purpose. She was advised of remedies. Everything ok.
  • Entering Auto, Duke St., reference to the complainant stating that her purse had been taken from the center console of her vehicle. Her car doors were left unlocked. A report was taken.
  • Suspicious Person, Plaza Dr., reference to a male looking in the trash. Officers made contact with the male subject. He was advised to leave the area.
  • Area Check, North Broad St., Golden Pantry in reference to a runaway juvenile in the area. Negative contact with the juvenile.
  • Domestic Dispute, Harvest Lane, reference to a dispute between wife and Aldolfo Roldan. Aldolfo and wife were having an argument in reference to bills. Aldolfo was arrested for family violence simple battery.
  • Suspicious Person, South Broad St., Walgreens, the complainant advised she was walking down South Madison Ave. and was approached by an elderly white male in a black truck. The unknown subject asked her if she needed a ride and she declined. The subject then asked for sexual favors for $20.00. The complainant wanted to make officers aware.
  • Damage to Property, West Spring St., Haven Inn & Suites, reference to a damaged room. Officer made contact with the complainant who stated a drawer from the desk in the room was missing and that there were chunks of wood everywhere. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Highway 138, Tractor Supply, reference to a red Toyota Scion speeding and driving reckless. Area check conducted with negative contact.
  • Fraud Report, West Spring St., Burger King, the complainant advised he left his debit card at Burger King last date. He advised someone used his card and made over $700.00 dollars in purchases.
  • Person with Firearm, Hill St., reference to two subjects in a verbal dispute. One subject had a firearm on his person during the dispute, but did not pull the weapon out, nor make any threats.  That subject was GOA.
  • Suspicious Vehicles, Matthew’s Park, ref. to 2 cars blacked out, All okay. They were advised to leave due to the park being closed after dark.
  • Disturbing the Peace, Cook Place, a large party was disbursed.
  • Dispute, East Church St., reference to subject intoxicated and causing scene at Chestnut Cupboard. Subject issued a criminal trespass warning.
  • Suspicious Person, North Broad St./East Highland Ave. Female walking in the roadway. Located female subject walking in the area of N. Midland/East Highland Ave. She advised she was homeless but has a job interview tomorrow in Monroe. Contacted FISH and arrangements were made for a room at the Haven Inn. All ok.
  • EMS Assist, West Spring St., Haven Inn, reference to a heavily intoxicated male subject falling in a ditch in front of the building. Transported to Piedmont Walton.
  • Noise Complaint, Maple St., reference to a small gathering with music playing. Residents turned the music off.
  • Suspicious Person, West Spring St., Big Lots, made contact with a male subject who is homeless. Contacted FISH about a hotel room. He was given a room at the Haven Inn and Suites. All ok.
  • Suspicious persons at Ashton Pointe Apt., reference to a large group of people being loud in front of the residence, parties dispersed.
  • Mental Issues, Carwood Dr., reference to a male subject having emotional issues but did not want to speak with ER staff. Transported to his mother’s house on Nowell Street.
  • EMS Assist, West Spring St., reference to male sleeping in the hallway and will not wake up.  The male subject couldn’t figure out how to use a door key and decided to sleep in the hallway.  He was assisted into his room.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, North Broad St., Bojangles, reference to a black Ford Expedition left on location with a black and white canine.  Vehicle comes back to a named subject.  Negative contact with anyone on location.
  • Dispute, East Fambrough St., multiple calls in reference to a large group of people disputing in the street. The complainant was sprayed in the face with pepper spray when named subject sprayed the crowd with pepper spray
  • Follow Up, North Broad St., Bojangles, A second check of the area with FLIR due to a black Ford expedition being left on location with a canine.  The owner was evicted from Towler Street.  Unable to make contact.  The vehicle appears to be disabled.
  • Theft, Baron Dr., reference to complainant having her wallet taken from her residence. Subject named suspected of taking wallet while at the house.
  • Animal Complaint, Broad St., Bojangles staff requesting animal control reference to a dog left overnight in a Ford Expedition. The dog was taken by animal control.
  • Suspicious Person, West Spring St., met with the complainant. She stated that a man in camo might be homeless. The subject was identified. He was advised to leave the area. All ok.
  • Dispute violent, Booth Dr., complainant advised named subject came to his residence with another subject and the two assaulted him.  Warrant to be taken on name subject for the battery will be taken for both females.
  • Damage to Property, Perry St., reference to damage done to an abandoned house, request extra patrol from night shift.
  • Shoplifting, West Spring St., Erica Thompson arrested for shoplifting. Released on a copy of the citation. Report taken.
  • Harassment, Bridge Port Place, met with the complainant. She stated that her neighbor from down the street put something in her mailbox. She was advised of the civil process.
  • Domestic Dispute, Cook St., a dispute over unruly juvenile, situation mediated.
  • Runaway Juvenile, Ash Lane, mother advised her daughter left with a woman from their church because she was mad.  While on scene mother had contact with the woman.  All ok.
  • Violent Dispute, West 5th, mother called in reference to her son disputing with another male subject. The male subject pulled a knife while sitting in his vehicle. All involved parties were GOA. Officers explained to the mother that her son would need to be on location to file a report.
  • Agency Assist, Southview Dr., reference to DFACS checking on the welfare and possible removal of a child. The child nor the parents were on location. Contact was made with a subject that was on location. Nothing further.

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