MPD Report: Fraud, theft, knife thrown by 13-year-old and more balloons thrown at cars

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The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period May 23 – 30, 2019. Due to the length, this report has been split into four parts. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Theft – W. Spring St. Walmart. in reference to older White female and male in an older brown Ford truck stealing wooden pallets from behind the store. Store wished to press charges if contact is made. Report Taken.
  • Hit-and-Run -Camptown Gardens. Complainant advised that she was in an accident with another vehicle, but the other vehicle left the scene. A description of the vehicle could not be given, and there were no witnesses. Report taken. All ok.
  • Dispute -Tanglewood Dr. In reference to mother complaining that her child was jumped while he played with water balloons. Ms. Smith could not provide info and other parties advised all kids were fighting.  Advised to call back if any further issues arise.
  • Water Balloons – Pine Park St. in reference to complainant complaining about water balloons. Options were advised. All appeared ok
  • Dispute – Towler St Complainant advised her boyfriend evicted himself from the residence.  He will not come get his property. Options were advised. All ok
  • Dispute – Wheel House Ln. Female and her boyfriend got into a verbal dispute. Parties advised that they are going to separate for the night.
  • Warrant Attempt – Oak St at Booth; Augustus Curry was arrested for an outstanding probation violation warrant out of Madison PD. Augustus was transported to Bostwick where he was turned over to Madison PD.
  • Traffic Hazard – Lacy St.: in reference to water balloons being thrown around.  Spoke with the group about not throwing them at vehicles.
  • Suspicious person – Plaza Dr. Caller stated she heard gunshots in the area and saw people walking around. A small group on location setting off fireworks all 10-4.
  • Fireworks – Pinecrest Dr. in reference to caller wanting the area checked to make sure fireworks were being properly shot off.  Everything was ok.
  • Discharging Firearms – in the area of Reed St. and Parkway Pl.; Determined to be fireworks from the Plaza Dr area.
  • Juvenile Complaint – Harris St.: Residents on the scene were angry that children are throwing water balloons. Remedies advised.
  • Area Check on Foot – Lacy St.: In reference to juveniles in the roadway and vehicles throwing water balloons. Residents were warned about throwing water balloons at cars.
  • Dispute – Bridgeport Pl.  two subjects were involved in a verbal dispute over a civil issue.  The civil process was explained to both parties.  Report taken.
  • Follow Up – at MPD – In reference to complainant believing her brother has been abusing her dog. Report taken.
  • Domestic Dispute – Nowell St. – In reference to subject off his medication.
  • Animal Complaint – W. Spring St.: German Shepherd puppy appeared in distress and was removed from vehicle. Female was advised by Animal Control to meet with them to get a free crate due to her having childcare and puppy care issues.
  • Damage to Property – S. Broad. Complainant reported her ex broke side view mirrors of her vehicle. Report taken for insurance. No witness to the crime.
  • Fraud – at Rinse. Subject passed a fraudulent check in exchange for merchandise. Report Completed, further investigation required to determine if a crime was committed.
  • Damage to Property – at Monroe PD. Thomas Bradley reported Atha Equipment driver. Swiped his vehicle with a dumpster. The company was made aware. Documentation report completed.
  • Meet With -116 S. Broad St.: In reference to a subject wanting to report suspicious activity in Conestoga Mobile Home Park. Report Taken.
  • Harassing Communications – 116 S. Broad St.: Met with complainant who wanted to make a report of her ex-husband harassing her. Report Taken.
  • ID theft – 4th St.  Complainant stated that he was notified by Courtesy Ford via email he had bought a 2019 Ford Raptor.  He contacted the salesperson who advised him that he did in fact sell him a vehicle.  Complainant explained that he did not buy a vehicle and he believed someone bought it using his information.  Report taken
  • Assault – W. Spring St. in reference to a person being stabbed at an unknown location in Monroe Estates by a 13-year-old boy he knows.  The subject was not forthcoming with information and stated it was an accident and that the knife was thrown at by accident. He did not want anything done nor did his mother want to pursue charges due to knowing the family of the suspect.  Report taken and CID was notified.
  • Sexual Assault -Tanners Bridge Rd in reference to a child sexual assault that occurred.  CID was notified.
  • Warrant service – Booth Dr: Attempt to contact Marquavious Russell in reference to warrants. Consent to search residence, negative contact. Grandmother on location advised that he comes and goes she will call if he comes back.
  • Warrant Service – W. Spring St.: Attempt to contact Christopher Peters in reference to warrants. Christopher was arrested and transported to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office jail.
  • Suspicious Person – E. Marable St./Glen Iris Dr.  Officer observed a white female walking towards Broad St.  Officer got out with female who appeared to be under the influence of narcotics.  During the course of the roadside interview, the female was identified and was found to be in possession of marijuana less than an ounce.  She was cited on a City Ordinance.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Bankers Blvd – Acopia Home Loans in reference to a Red in Color Ford Mustang on location. Vehicle was unlocked and appeared abandoned. The complainant was advised of remedies.
  • Fraud – 116 S. Broad St. – Monroe Police Department in reference to complainant advising someone made two $42.89 transactions using his ATM debit card, which he never lost. His card was possibly scanned at the ATM. Report Taken.
  • Fraud – 116 S. Broad St. – Monroe Police Department. The officer made contact with complainant in reference to the same situation that another officer spoke to her about last date. She was once again advised that this was a scam and that a doctor cannot refuse treatment during a medical emergency. She was advised of remedies.
  • Fraud – S. Broad St. – Broad Street Boots. The complainant stated that the suspect had passed a bad check on May 16, 2019 in exchange for goods. Warrant to be taken for deposit account fraud.
  • Harassment – at MPD Complainant being threatened by her ex-husband. Report taken.
  • Dispute – Monroe Estates. The complainant was upset with a subject and wanted to talk to officers to help calm him down before he did something stupid. Officers spoke to Stenny and remedies were advised.
  • Dispute – at S. Broad St. in reference to complainant disputing with her neighbor over a cat. Situation resolved.
  • Burglary – S. Madison Ave. in reference to the previous tenant possibly returning to the property to obtain items left.
  • Intoxicated Person – Ridgeview. Ridgeview requested transport for subject. The subject was transported to Piedmont Walton. All ok
  • Water Balloons – Pine Park St. reference Complainant complaining about water balloons. All ok.
  • Found Property – MPD. in reference to subject returning wallet. Report Made.


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