MPD Reports: 10-year-old from Newton County at local hospital with rope burns on his neck

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Sept. 3 – 10, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Dispute – Baron Dr & Classic Trl – Complainant wanted law enforcement to get his personal belonging from girlfriend. Items were left on the street by complainant, items collected and returned to him. 

Damage to Property – Cook Pl – Complainant reporting damage to her vehicle allegedly caused by her sister. Report Made, not enough Probable Cause to take warrants at this time. 

DUI – Walton Rd A subject was driving on the rim and off the roadway. He was arrested for driving under the influence and misdemeanor fleeing. 

Citizen flag down – Roosevelt St. and Maple St. Ref to two subjects arguing. Remedies advised to both. Parties were separated. 

Animal complaint – Colquit St. Brown K9 loose in the area. It was detained and taken to animal control. 

Speeding vehicle – on Forrest Ln. Ref to an older black race car. Vehicle owner was warned about staying off the roadway. All ok. 

911 Hang up – from a 911 only cell phone in the area of Barron Dr. and Classic Trail. during area check officers located subjects arguing at Springer Ln. Two subjects arguing over property damage. One will fix railing today. Civil Issue. 

Suspicious vehicle – Sourwood Dr. Ref to someone sleeping in a vehicle in a vacant house. Subject located behind the residence, sent on her way. 

Suspicious Person – North Madison Ave., The Market. Ref to a b/m that came into store nine times and watching clerk. Subject was gone before officer’s arrival. Area was checked with negative contact. 

Trespassing – East Church St., Chestnut Cupboard. Subject on location, violating Criminal Trespass Warning. He arrested and taken to Walton County Jail. Warrant to be taken for criminal trespass. 

Suspicious vehicle – Davis St. Ref to a vehicle speeding in the area. Area searched with negative contact. Extra patrol requested, all ok. 

Vicious animal – Pannell Rd. Ref to a stray animal jumping on a neighbor. Subject collected and held the dog until animal control arrived. 

Suspicious Vehicle -Highway 78 Truck Stop – In reference to two black males following the complainant at speeds of 100 mph. Area checked, negative contact. 

Disturbing the Peace -Tanglewood. In reference to four wheelers in the area throwing dirt on vehicle. Negative contact with any four-wheeler. All ok. 

Firearms – Camptown Gardens. In reference to the complainant hearing 5-6 gunshots in the area. Area checked, negative contact in the area. Appears to be coming from the WCSO gun range. 

911 Hang Up – Tanglewood Dr. – In reference to an open line in the area of Tanglewood Dr. The area was checked with negative contact with anyone that called 911. All ok. 

Damage to Property – W Creek Cir. In reference to a cell phone being damaged between (2) juveniles. Parents were advised of remedies and the civil process. Report taken 

Fireworks – Magnolia Terrace. Complainant advised fireworks in the area. Contact was made with family shooting fireworks. Were advised of the curfew time and told to be safe. All okay. 

Dispute – N. Broad St. & E. Highland Ave. – In reference to subjects arguing in the intersection and a white female being pulled out of a red hatchback car by a black male. Area was checked with negative contact. 

911 Hang up – West Spring Street. In reference to staff needing to get in touch with Newton County SO. 10 year of age male with rope burns to his neck. Incident occurred in Newton County on Glenshire Court. Officer spoke with Newton County SO and was advised a Newton County Investigator would be in route to Piedmont Walton. 

Loud Music – Northview Dr. – In reference to loud music coming from a neighbors’ house. Contact was made with the homeowner who was advised to turn the music down. 

Dispute – W. Spring St. (Piedmont Walton) – In reference to a female acting out by yelling and cussing in the waiting room. Contact was made with subject who as very intoxicated. Subject began to comply with hospital staff. Report taken. 

911 Hang Up – Green Street. In reference to a verbal dispute between mother and her son. Mother stated that soon came to her residence intoxicated, and she made him leave. Subject was gone when officers arrived. All ok. 

Dispute -Piedmont Walton. In reference to female patient causing issues with medical staff. Upon Officer arrival medical staff was able to resolve the situation. All ok. 

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