MPD Reports: Baby accidentally calls 911; another calls to have his medication changed

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Sept. 3 – 10, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Agency assist – Wheelhouse Ln. Inv. Chambers from the DA’s office was looking for a murder witness for Chicago DA’s office. Negative contact. 

Welfare check – Amber Trail. Homeowner advised baby playing on phone called emergency number, then dogs ran outside, and baby ran off after the dogs. Mom was chasing the bunch and did not hear 911 call her back. Left front door opened at residence. Advised everything ok. 

Lost item – Cherry Hill Rd., City Barn. Ref to a govt vehicle tag that was lost after a MVA worked by GSP. 

Damage to property – South Broad St. MPD. Ref to a call that was generated during night shift. Complainant advised of an incident that took place at 315 Knight street last date where a gun was pulled on him and his vehicle was possibly damaged. 

Damage to property – East Washington St. Ref to damage to a mailbox. The report was taken, Photos of the damage were taken and added to the report. The mailbox was hit by a burgundy Dodge Caliber, going to have significant front end damage. 

Suspicious person – Lakeview Dr. Persons with Anthem Pest control going door to door selling product. All ok. 

Suspicious person – South Broad St. near Wells Fargo Bank. Ref person in a burgundy F150 parked in front of the afterhours envelopes. Area searched with negative contact. 

Mental patient -Tanglewood Dr. and Tanglewood Ln. Complainant wanted officers to change his medication. He was told to go to the doctor. 

Prisoner transport – South Broad St., MPD. Ref to an arrestee for CID needing to be taken to WCSO. All ok. 

Dispute -Davis St. Ref to father leaving with child on foot. Subjects located, child returned to mother, all ok. 

Suspicious vehicle – Ref to a vehicle with a female driver sleeping. Area searched with negative contact. 

Suspicious Vehicle – 6th Street. In reference to a white pickup truck with its reverse lights on. Subject advised she is moving in with her mother at 6th St. After identifying the occupant of the vehicle, she was served with a license suspension form. Report taken 

Suspicious Vehicle – Walker Dr and S Broad St. In reference to juveniles hanging out the windows. Area checked, negative contact. 

Vehicle Accident – West Spring/Hwy 138. Two vehicles, injury by compliant. Passenger of a vehicle involved in the accident had an active warrant out of the WCSO. Subject was taken to Piedmont Walton where he was medically cleared from the accident and then transported to the WCSO jail without incident. Supplemental was added to original case. Accident report in GEARS. 

Dispute – Forest Lane. In reference to neighbors disputing about each others’ dogs roaming the street. An ongoing dispute. Information provided about a good behavior warrant. Report Taken 

Dispute – Etten Drive, Officer was flagged down at the Shoppes at Breedlove by complainant. Complainant stated that she could not find her purse in the residence, and believed her husband hid it. The purse was located in the master bedroom. Parties willingly separated for the night. All okay. 

Suspicious Persons -Mathews Park – Two juveniles parked after hours. Contact made with parents and juveniles were returned. 

EMS Assist – Pine Park Street. In reference to a subject having difficulty breathing. Possible anxiety attack, Transported to Piedmont Walton by EMS. 

Suspicious Vehicle – West Spring Street (Arbys). Subject sleeping in his vehicle in the parking lot. Subject is homeless. All ok. 

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