MPD Reports: Barrow patient cut his wrists in guilt after claiming to have raped an intoxicated woman in Monroe

The City of Monroe reported the following incidents for the period Nov. 19 – 26, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into four parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Threats – W Spring St. Piedmont Walton. In reference to employee’s mother that has made threats in reference to shooting the hospital up. Spoke with all parties, and insufficient evidence on the threat. Report taken. 

Missing Person – Lakeview Dr. In reference to subject missing since Wednesday night, 11/18/2020. Subject was entered onto GCIC. 

Missing Person – W Spring St. McDonald’s. In reference to the complainant advising that their daughter, was taken to work today at noon and left the location with two co-workers. The complainant advised that the co-workers are back on location, but do not know where the complainant’s daughter is. Daughter is possibly at a family members house in Athens, Ga. 

Damage to Property – W Spring St. Walmart. In reference to a 2017 black Chevy Trax that was struck by an employee with a shopping cart. The manager at Walmart spoke with the complainant, and advised her to bring the police report to them in reference to the damage. Report taken. 

EMS Assist – Walton Rd. In reference to a 36-year-old male with difficulty breathing, no chest pains, severe asthma, and does not have his medicine with him. CPR was in progress prior to officer arrival. Suspected overdose, Turned over to EMS. 

Damage to Property – Bridgeport Pl. In reference to a 2015 Jeep Patriot. The complainant advised they stepped outside and noticed that their vehicle had been struck. Vehicle was sideswiped earlier this date. A neighbor advised it was a brown Chevrolet truck with aftermarket wheels that struck the vehicle at approximately 1600 hours. Officer spoke with neighbors with home security cameras, and was not able to locate footage of the incident or other vehicle. Report taken. 

Suspicious Vehicle – Hubbard St. In reference to a red passenger car that has been sitting in the parking lot for a while that’s possibly occupied. All ok. 

Dispute – S Broad St. Southside Mobile Home Park. In reference to the child’s father on location destroying property. The complainant wanted to remain anonymous. The complainant confirmed the lot was 131. Negative contact at the residence after multiple attempts to get someone to the front door. 

EMS Assist – E Fambrough St. In reference to a 22-year-old male requesting EMS, due to difficulty breathing and chest pains. Complainant advised that he did not need EMS assistance or police assistance at this time. 

EMS Assist – E Fambrough St. In reference to the complainant re-contacting and stating that they now wanted to be taken to the hospital. Turned over to EMS. 

Assault – Woodland Rd. – Victim was at Piedmont Walton in reference to an assault that took place on Woodland Road. She advised that she was assaulted by her boyfriend. During the investigation victim stated she did not wish to press charges. 

Dispute – West Spring St., Walmart. Victim reports someone tried to run her over in the parking lot for not wearing a mask. Vehicle was gone when officers arrived, area searched with negative contact. 

Theft report – Green St. In reference to complainant reporting that her mother in law stole $60 from her. 

Call to return – Nurse at Barrow Medical reports a male came in with cut wrists advising he raped a passed out drunk female somewhere in Monroe last night, woke up feeling guilty and began cutting himself and told his mother what happened. Barrow went to do an initial but the male could not provide any information to establish jurisdiction. Both Monroe and Barrow CID were notified. Incident documented by both agencies pending further info. It was later determined that the incident occurred on 6th St. Officer responded to Barrow Medical. 

Harassment – Green St. In reference to complainant wanting report that his ex-girlfriend was going to post nude pictures of him on Facebook. 

Dispute – Maple Ln. Verbal dispute in reference to the complainant not wanting an intoxicated subject to use his phone. Situation resolved. 

Theft report – West Spring St. Complainant reported a shotgun and several case knives stolen from the residence, report taken. 

Dispute – West Marable St. Two subjects having a dispute. Report taken. 

Damage to Property – West Spring St. Ref to subject reported that a male driving a van hit her door with his door and drove off. Report taken. 

Illegal Hunting – McDaniel St. Complainant reports someone hunting on his property without permission and that they baited the field. DNR responded. 

Juvenile runaway – Knight St. Ref to Mother reported that her son got mad at her and rode off on his bike. Report taken. 

Request to meet – West Spring St., Piedmont Walton. Ref to a mental evaluation patient that escaped. Patient was located and returned to the ER. 

Suspicious Vehicle – E Church St. In reference to 3-4 street bikes driving reckless in the area of E Church St, Davis St, and Pine Park St. Negative contact, the area was checked. 

Dispute – Douglas St. In reference to complainant and step daughter verbally disputing over living arrangements. FISH was contacted and the step daughter was given a hotel room for the night. Both parties were advised to contact the WCSO/court house due to a civil case in progress. 

Suspicious Person – Hwy 11 at Tanglewood Dr. In reference to a subject standing in the roadway with their arms in the air. Contact was made with the subject, who was no longer in the roadway. She was advised not to walk in the road anymore. 

Shoplifting – N Broad St. J&B Food Mart. In reference to the complainant advising a black male wearing a black hoodie is stealing from the store and disconnected the line. Report taken. 

Shoplifting – W Spring St. Walmart. In reference to a black male walking out of the store with two computers. The subject ran towards Arby’s prior to Officer arrival. No car description was given. Employees on scene were unable to locate camera footage at the time of the incident. 

Dispute – Old Mill Pt. In reference to damage done to the complainant’s front door. Complainant stated that an unknown juvenile kicked her screen door and ran off. She requested a report in case the owner of the property observes damage at a later date. Report taken. 

Dispute – Towler St. In reference to an ex-friend of the complainant refusing to leave. Subject was GOA upon Officer arrival. All ok. 

Damage to Property – Wheel House Ln. In reference to the complainant advising that they arrived home and saw that their vehicle was damaged. 

Fire Assist – Nowell St. In reference to smoke coming from the apartment. Upon Officer arrival the fire was put out by patrons on scene. Turned over to Fire. 

Juvenile Complaint – S Broad St. In reference to the complainant’s 12 YOA son who took money from her purse. Complainant stated that money was missing from a safe in her closet. Suggested that her son may have taken it. Son denied taking the money, and stated that other people have been in the residence. No evidence to show that son took the money. Report taken. 

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