MPD Reports: Dispute over woman ends in gunfire

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The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Nov. 2 – 8, 2018. Due to the length, this report has been split into four parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Narcotics, South Broad St., reference to a vehicle that has been reported to sell drug outside the store. It’s happening between 3-7 pm at night.  It’s a blue Buick Roadmaster driven by a black male with a shaved or bald head.
  • Discharging firearm area of Ridge Rd., checked the area and could not locate the area or evidence at this time.  See below call.
  • Gunshot Wound, West Spring St., a male subject was shot in the leg by another named male subject over them both having sex with the same female
  • Assist Citizen, reference to male subject discharged from the hospital with nowhere to go.  Unable to assist due to an investigation of a gunshot.  The hospital was advised if he wants to leave, he can.
  • Suicide Threats, West Tall Oaks, subject at that location made suicide threats according to a third-party caller. Officers made contact at the address and were advised subject no longer lives there.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, East Church/Baron Dr., reference to a white Volvo failure to maintain lane. Officer performed a traffic stop and driver was warned about the manner of driving.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Monroe Area High School, Double Bold Springs Rd. Dispatched attempted to make contact with the complainant. Negative contact.
  • Mental Subject, Breedlove Dr, met with father in reference to his son not wanting to enter treatment. I was able to mediate and convince the son to enter willing into Ridgeview for treatment. All ok.
  • Dead Person, Pannell Rd. Ems made enter and the victim was laying on the bed in the back bedroom. Report made
  • Juvenile Complaint, Matthews Park, 8 and 2-year-old at the park unsupervised. Children were supposed to be at a friend’s house. They were transported to Hickory Dr. and released to a female subject.
  • Welfare Check, Hardees, reference to an elderly white male in the parking lot. All ok, male is elderly and walking slowly to eat at Hardees.
  • Damage Property, Reed Way, met with the complainant who stated that a couple of juveniles’ possibly damaged her flower pots. Request extra patrols when possible.
  • Agency Assist, Bryant Rd., reference to assisting a school employee with getting a child in her vehicle to get him to school. The child was placed safely inside the vehicle. All ok.
  • Mental Patient, Wilkins Dr., Terri Jackson on location arguing with her mother. Once Officers were on scene, she refused to maintain a conversation. She argued that the drones and the Sheriff’s Office were after her. Prior to officers leaving the scene, Terri threatened to hit subject with a door stopper and held it in a threatening manner. Terri was arrested for FV Simple Assault and possession of methamphetamine.
  • DOA, Amber Trail, reference to a male subject being deceased, was notified, the scene was turned over to the Walton County Coroner. Report taken.
  • Damage to Property, Union St., reference to complainant worried about her outgoing mail getting taken out of the complex mailbox due to it not being secured. Officer made contact with Housing Authority who was made aware of the situation.
  • Domestic Dispute, Atha St., reference to a complainant and named male subject in a physical altercation. Named male subject prevented the complainant from leaving the residence and picked her up and moved her to the bedroom. Named male subject attempted to choke complainant and struck her in the leg with his fist. Named male subject was gone when officers arrived. Warrants to be taken on named male subject for kidnapping, false imprisonment and family violence battery. Complainant was provided with information on Project Renewal. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Person, Plaza Dr./Plaza Trace, reference to a male subject in the bushes near the complex. The subject had two bags full of cans and stated he was collecting cans and was warned to stay out of the bushes. All okay.
  • Hit & Run, South Broad St., Hardees, reference to complainant having his vehicle struck the last date while at Hardees. No surveillance images of the accident could be obtained, and complainant declined a report at this time.
  • Harassment, South Broad St., MPD Lobby, complainant requested a report in regard to named subject contacting him threatening to get him fired and locked up. Report taken.
  • Counterfeit, West Spring St., Quality Foods, reference to a subject attempting to purchase items with a counterfeit $20 bill. Report taken.
  • Warrant Attempt, Holly Hill Rd., reference to locating Lili Yin who has a failure to appear warrant through Winder Police Department. Grandfather advised she was at a mental treatment facility in Augusta.
  • Dispute, Tanglewood Dr., reference to a subject not release a vehicle to the complainant. Subject only wanted paperwork from the dealership proving he was no longer liable for the vehicle. Paperwork was sent while officers were on scene. All ok.
  • Suspicious Persons in the area of Carwood Dr., reference to a young white male and female subject going door to door. The complaint stated she subject are telling people they are with the City of Monroe and are asking about an issue with the city cable TV. The complainant stated they also asked her the number of TV’s she has in her home. An area check was conducted with negative contact.
  • Fraud, South Broad St., Butcher Block, reference to complainant having her credit card information used at around 21:30 hours last date at the Monroe Walmart to make a purchase. Report taken.
  • Meet With fire station, a male subject on location stating he is homeless. He requested a ride to the Monroe Motor Inn for the night.
  • Criminal Trespass, West Vine, reference to a named subject on location after being barred. Negative contact with the subject.
  • Threats, Ridge Rd., complainant advised named subject called her phone and told her he was out of jail and was going to murder her.  She was able to provide a phone number the call came from.  Report taken.
  • Officer Request, East Spring St., Monroe Motor Inn, reference to the male subject from earlier call needing somewhere to stay overnight. Subject was taken care of.
  • Hit and Run, Country Club Dr., the complainant stated a Monroe Police Crown Vic struck her husband’s trailer and fled the scene at a high rate of speed. The investigation revealed it was a neighbor’s daughter who was driving a similar vehicle and collided with the trailer. Complainant declined a report and charges. Miscellaneous report taken for documentation purposes.
  • EMS Assist, Shamrock Dr., mother called because her son was high on drugs and she wanted him checked out. Son refused treatment.
  • Dispute, Sporty Lane, Charmaine George and Mikia Perryman at Apt. A stated that Sierra Williams and Elijah Howell got involved in their business and started making indirect statements which cause the two units to argue. Sierra called 911 a second time and stated Charmaine had a gun but there was no gun on scene. Situation mediated. 342 Returned at 2020 hours for another report of the verbal dispute but there was no one outside disputing. Made contact with both households again and advised both to stay inside and keep quiet. Nothing further.
  • Suicide Threat, Tanglewood Dr., Third party caller advised named subject was making suicidal threats via text message.  Officer attempted to make contact at the residence and could not get anyone to come to the door.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Wells Fargo ATM, Anonymous complainant stated a black vehicle occupied by a white female was suspicious in the area. Contact made with the driver all okay, she was on scene feeding stray cats.
  • Stolen Vehicle, East Fambrough St., subject who is a third-party complainant was advised to have the registered owner/victim to come file a report.
  • Suspicious Person, South Broad St., Subjects on location were parked trying to use Wi-Fi. Nothing further.
  • Dispute, W Marable, two subjects on location disputing over how to properly discipline the children.
  • Flagged Down, North Broad St./Highland, reference to complainant stating that her ex-girlfriend took her cell phone after a dispute in the County. The complainant was advised to speak to a Walton County Sheriff’s Office deputy.
  • Flagged Down, North Hammond Dr., complainant flagged down Officer to advise Clarrisa Kelly had just keyed his truck.  He advised she was driving the passenger vehicle that just left the location.  Ms. Kelly was stopped and questioned about the incident.  She admitted to doing the damage to the truck.  The complainant advised he wanted to press charges.  Ms. Kelly was taken into custody and charged with Criminal Damage to Property.



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