MPD Reports: Drag racing complaints; harassment over voting for Trump

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Sept. 17 – 24, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Dispute – Booth Drive in reference to two subjects disputing next door over property. Negative contact at residence. 

Welfare Check – South Broad Street (Pinnacle Bank) in reference to an 11 year-old juvenile asking for money. Contact made with the 13-year-old who advised he was asking around for work to earn money. Juvenile was advised not to speak with strangers and to go back home. 

Trespassing -East Church Street (Chestnut Cupboard): In reference to patrons being on property that have been warned and it’s an ongoing issue. Patrons gone before Law Enforcement arrival. 

Hit-N-Run – Custom Way: In reference to two vehicles colliding into one another. One vehicle left the scene. Report taken. 

Follow up – Custom Way: In reference to previous call. Driver was identified and arrested for driving without a valid license. Report Made. 

Theft – East Church St/Fair Grounds – in reference to subject wanting to report her uncle for financially abusing her father who has dementia. Report taken. 

Comments: Chest Cupboard request more police present when able. EXTRA PATROL 135 Felker Street. Trespassers throughout the night damaging and stealing property. Ongoing issue. 

Traffic Stop/Arrest – North Madison Ave/Edwards St. Woman arrested for speeding and Driving Under the Influence. 

Theft – Felker Street in reference to complainant having his leaf blower and items stolen from his property for the 2nd in a month. Extra patrol requested throughout the night due to trespassers. 

Discharge of Firearms – Eagles Trail – Anonymous complainant requested an area check due to several shots being fired in the area. 

Fraud – South Broad Street: In reference to complainant being scammed out of $800 worth of Google play cards. Report made. 

Hit and Run – Booth Dr. – Vehicle was struck by a black Nissan Altima, report taken. 

Loitering – E. Spring Valero – Subject asking from money from customers, Gone when officers arrived. 

Juvenile Complaint – Harrys Marathon. Two individuals were criminally trespassed for loitering. 

Fight – MAHS. in reference to group of juveniles fighting at the game and then in the parking lot. Subjects were leaving upon officers’ arrival. 

Dispute – Southside. Civil dispute between past roommates. Parties were given a ride to separate for the evening. All ok. 

Dispute – Lacy St. Caller advised dispute in the street. Upon arrival, no dispute was observed and all persons were ok. 

Illegal Parking – Court Street: In reference to 2 vehicles parked at the farmer’s market. Attempts were made to contact the owners. Jay’s wrecker service. 

Animal Complaint – South Broad Street: in reference to a small dog with collar running around. 

Animal Complaint – South Broad Street at Dollar General: In reference to small dog loose in parking lot. Unable to secure animal. Animal Control Notified. 

Entering Auto – South Broad Street: in reference complainant reporting a blue gym bag take out of the back seat of his vehicle. Complainant did not know when, where or what all was taken. 

Suspicious person – North Lumpkin Street in reference to the complainant was yelled at by two unknown black male subjects asking her if she voted for Trump and cursed at her. 

Damage to Property – South Broad Street: in reference to two male subjects damaging the property and fleeing into the wood line. 

Illegal Dumping – Mountain View Drive in reference to a boat trailer left in the area of Conestoga registered to a subject. Subject no longer lives at this address. 

Entering Auto – West Highland Avenue in reference to complainant having her vehicle entered earlier this date sometime after 02:00 hours. Report taken. 

Dispute – Wheel House Ln: In reference to ongoing issues between neighbors. Remedies were explained to both parties. Report made. 

Dispute – Atha Street in reference to two parties verbally disputing over one of them refusing to leave. Subject allowed to stay until the 1st of October. 

Dispute – Gliding Lane: In reference to complainant getting into a verbal argument with subject over living expenses. Situation was mediated and parties separated. 

Dispute – Oakwood Ln. Civil issue between the caller wanting a female removed from property. Options were explained. 

Drag Racing – Deer Acres. In reference to cars racing on location. No racing observed, however there was an extremely large crowd at Da Grand. Officers patrolled heavily until crowd dispersed. 

Disabled Vehicle – St. Ives Green passenger car parked at the entrance to subdivision. Contact was made with owner and they advised they were in the process of getting it towed. 

Drag Racing – John Deere Rd & Walton Rd. In reference to a car show held at Da Grand. Patrons began driving recklessly away from the bar. GOA. 

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