MPD Reports: Fight ensues after pedestrian hit by vehicle; slew of entering autos

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Oct. 29 – Nov. 4, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Suspicious Vehicle – N Broad St at Tanglewood. – In reference to a vehicle parked in turning lane. The driver pulled over to use his phone; he was advised that he needed to be legally parked to use phone, all ok. 

Suspicious Vehicle – N Madison Ave. Reference to a black passenger car seen stopped in the road. Passenger car was then seen pulling into several different driveways. The driver stated he was looking for his girlfriends’ house. He was sent on his way. 

Dispute – N Broad St. Da Grand. In reference to 100 subjects in the parking lot refusing to leave. Crowd dispersed. All ok. 

Loud Music – Fawnfield Dr. In reference to loud music that has been going on for hours a street over from the complainant’s address. 

Disturbing the Peace – Fawnfield Dr. In reference to a large party in the Meadwowalk subdivision. 

Alarm – North Broad Street (Bojangles). Employees on location. All ok 

EMS Assist – Breedlove Drive (Ridgeview): In reference to a patient having a seizure. Turned over to EMS. 

Entering Auto – Buckingham Court. -Two trailblazers on the property were entered, nothing taken. Vehicle rummaged. 

Entering Auto – Windsor Drive: Burgundy Honda Cr-V entered, no items taken. Report declined. 

Entering Auto – Buckingham Court: Nissan van entered, Ipad taken. No serial numbers for the Ipad. Report taken. 

Entering Auto – Windsor Drive: Observed car door partially opened. Contact made with residents at the address and advised their children just went to the vehicle and did not shut it properly. All okay. 

Entering Auto – Buckingham Ct. During a canvas of the area a vehicle at the residence was rummaged through, owner stated nothing was taken. Report for documentation purposes. 

Entering Auto – Royal Court -Observed pick-up truck partially opened. Contact made with residents who advised the door was not shut properly and the vehicle was locked. All okay. 

Damage to Property – Baker Street E. Tires were slashed sometime overnight. 

Dispute – Baker Street: In reference to the complainant advising the subject in this apartment slashed her tires. In reference to previous call. 

Damaged Property – W Spring St. 5-year-old female opened her door to exit the vehicle and struck the driver’s door on the neighboring vehicle. 

Public Drunk – Ridge Rd – male subject trying to get into the complainant’s apartment. He was issued a citation for public drunk and was transported to Piedmont Hospital. 

Dispute – East Church St Subjects arguing because one is refusing to pay rent. 

Suspicious Vehicle – West Creek Circle: black male riding a 4-wheeler with no helmet / wearing white shirt. Subject was advised to stay of the roadway with the 4-wheeler. 

Other Law – Hickory Drive; Two subjects having questions in regards to eviction. Civil Process was explained to both parties. 

Agency Assist – Hwy 11 / Bold Springs Road pedestrian hit by a vehicle / active fight on location. TOT GSP. 

Warrant – Wheel House Ln US Marshals Service requesting officers to attempt to locate subject on location. Unsecured door found at residence. House cleared and secured with negative contact. 

Burglary Attempt – Plaza Dr. Complainant reporting her apartment window broken while she was at work. No items taken from residence. report taken 

Suspicious Vehicle -Michael Etchison & 138. Vehicle failing to maintain lane and possible intoxicated driver. Traffic stop conducted and no impairment noted. 

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