MPD Reports: ‘help me’ sign in window turns out to just be halloween decoration

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The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Nov. 16 – 24, 2018. Due to the length, this report has been split into three parts. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Credit Card Fraud, South Broad St., reference to complainant having several funds taken out of his bank account last date. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Highway 138/West Spring St., reference to a Chevrolet Equinox partially in the roadway. Area checked with negative contact.
  • Suspicious Persons, West Spring St., Walmart in reference to a subject on location asking people for money. The subject stated he was not asking for money; he stated he was talking to people he knew. Everything on location ok.
  • Follow Up, East Spring St., Bulldog Tire. During Officer presence, a male subject was on location and discovered to be the suspect who stole the mat in reference to a theft earlier this date. The owner declined charges.
  • Mental Person, Perry St., reference to subject fighting with family members. The subject was detained and transported to the hospital by EMS.
  • Burglary, Towler St., complainant named the suspected subject of stealing electronics from his residence. SN provided for Xbox, added to GCIC
  • Burglary in progress, Store House Ct. Several neighbors advised they saw someone attempting to break a window. On arrival met complainant who advised no burglary in progress, she was having issues with a 20y/o family member she let live there, advised of the eviction process, all ok.
  • Suspicious person, Highway 78., Waffle House, Landon Tullis arrested for disorderly conduct after brandishing a dagger and asking for someone to buy it. He was given trespass warning for Waffle House.
  • Suspicious person/arrest, Highway 11 South and city limit. Suspect arrested for warrants out of Walton County Sheriff’s Office and less than 1oz of Marijuana. Vehicle released to sister.
  • Suspicious vehicle, North Broad St., Amici’s. Ref to a vehicle blocking another vehicles exit. Located vehicle’s owner and it was moved, all ok.
  • Juvenile complaint, South Broad St., Southside MHP. Ref to juveniles outside causing a disturbance. Anonymous Complainant did not want to meet and refused to provide lot number. Checked area with negative contact.
  • Mental subject, Baker St., Walton Village. Apt., elderly female advised her baby doll woke her up and when she rolled over, she saw a black female child staring at her.  Residence checked ok.
  • Suspicious vehicle, Glenn Iris Dr., Complainant advised no complainant that a VW bug was parked on Glen Iris for a while and left towards Hot Spot with no lights. Checked area with negative contact.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Highway 138, reference to a white truck speeding and driving reckless. Area check conducted with negative contact.
  • Damage to Property, Turner St., the complainant advised an unknown female and male broke her window, yesterday. She then advised the incident just occurred and they left when she called the police.
  • Agency Assist, Hwy 78E near the Alcovy River, reference to WCSO requesting a female officer speak to a female in a trench coat walking down Hwy 78. Officer made contact with a female subject who stated she was trying to get to Ellijay from Loganville, Subject advised she once had a bi-polar disorder. She refused to go to the hospital for a mental health evaluation multiple time. She was advised of the correct direction of travel to Ellijay, so she turned around to go back towards Loganville. All ok.
  • Dispute, Roosevelt St., two subjects were in a verbal dispute. One subject was gone when officers arrived and the other subject only wanted information on the eviction process. She would not provide any further detail.
  • Warrant Served, East Marable St./Roosevelt St., Hilary Gawenda was observed walking down the street. She was detained for a Monroe probation warrant. David Fink, who was with Hilary, also had a warrant through Monroe for probation violation. Both subjects were arrested, fingerprinted, and released to the Walton County Jail.
  • Suspicious Person, West Spring St., reference to female walking in the roadway. Officer made contact with the female; she was walking on the shoulder of the roadway. Subject declined help.
  • Area Check, West Spring St., reference to the house on the corner of Mountain View Dr. and West Spring St., having a “Help Me” sign in the window. The sign is a Halloween decoration, everything on location ok.
  • Unknown Problem, 3rd St., reference to a subject having a medical episode. He was transported by Walton EMS.
  • Civil Issue, South Broad St., reference to two subjects disputing over rent money. Both parties were advised of remedies.
  • 911 Hang up, Turner St., complainant accidentally called 911. Once on scene, she advised that she could not remember who broke the window, but advised that people are trying to abduct her.
  • Damage to Property, South Madison Ave./Stokes St., reference to the driver hitting a pothole and damaging two of his tires. Report taken and public works notified.
  • Traffic Stop, West Spring St., A beige Ford Taurus bearing tag# was observed driving eastbound on West Spring Street. The tag was checked through GCIC and returned with a suspended tag and no insurance. The driver, Michelle Morrison was also showing an active warrant out of Winder PD. She was taken into custody and turned over to Winder PD at Windstream. Morrison was issued citations for the suspended tag and no insurance.
  • Juvenile Complaint, South Broad St., in reference to mother stating her son was threatened by juveniles in the neighborhood. Report taken.
  • Juvenile Complaint, South Side MHP Lott # reference to complainant stating a kid name given damaged the screen on one of her windows. Report declined.
  • Traffic Stop, Oakwood Lane near White Oak Dr., an investigative stop was conducted on the vehicle when the registered owner, Cynthia Hinojosa-Burd, showed to have active warrants for probation violation through Newton County and failure to appear through WCSO. She was identified as the front seat passenger. Her juvenile son, was cited for driving while unlicensed and released to the custody of her boyfriend.  She was transported to the Walton County Jail.
  • Damage to Property, Pinecrest Dr., complainant advised a passenger car struck his mailbox and left the scene.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Highway 78W, reference to a Gray Chevrolet Suburban driving reckless. All ok.
  • Suspicious Persons, West Spring St., Walmart, Officer made contact with the subject and advised him of panhandling laws. He was sent on his way.
  • Theft, Highland Trace, reference to complainant having a generator stolen from his carport
  • Suspicious Person/Arrest, Lumpkin St. at Walgreens. Danielle Riddle stopped for traffic offenses. Riddle consented to search of the vehicle and 2 valves of THC oil and an open container located.  Riddle was arrested for poss. of schedule 1 narcotic.
  • Civil Issue, South Broad St., reference to complainant wanting tenants to be removed from the home and had questions about property lent to them which has not been returned. Advised of civil options.
  • Child Custody, Vine St., met with complainant and her father about custody. They were advised of proper courts and DFCS option. All ok.
  • Civil Issue, Vine St., complainant stated he was having issues with returning a cell phone to his ex-girlfriend He was worried her new boyfriend may try to start an altercation. He was advised on how to return the phone to her safely.  All ok
  • Other Law, Lakeview Dr., reference to male subject being homeless. All resources have been attempted in the past and will not take Smith.
  • Suspicious person/arrest, Mercades Lacky stopped for no insurance and suspended registration. Arrested for less than 1oz of Marijuana. Vehicle removed by towing co.
  • Domestic, South Madison Ave., reference to a verbal dispute between two subjects
  • EMS Assist, Baker St., reference to a subject having medical issues after stroke. EMS handled.
  • Missing Person, Southview Dr., male subject reported missing by daughter.  Subject is elderly and has extensive medical issues. Subject located by Gainesville PD.



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