MPD Reports: Man charged with marijuana possession after requiring assistance for locked vehicle

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The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Jan. 18 – 24, 2019. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Dispute, Breedlove Dr., patient’s family attempting to retrieve son. Advised of the current law. Situation mediated.
  • Dispute/Wanted Person, White Oak Dr., met Mr. Jones who was wanted out of Walton Count Sheriff’s Office. met with a female subject who wanted a report in reference to wanting to retrieve some items from this location. Report Taken.
  • Dispute, Barron Dr., the complainant came to this residence looking for a package that was accidentally delivered to this address. The homeowner stated the package was not delivered to her residence but she would call complainant if it was delivered.
  • Suspicious Person, Hwy 78/Unisia Dr., reference to a black male wearing an orange jumpsuit walking westbound.  Officer patrolled the area and had negative contact with anyone.
  • Locked Vehicle, reference to male subject locking himself out of his vehicle. A probable cause search was conducted and a male subject was charged with Possession of Marijuana less than 1 oz and released on a copy of the citation.
  • Dispute, Green St., complainant stated that her neighbors are still yelling at her and her boyfriend when they go outside.
  • Dispute, GW Carver Pl., complainant requested a report because her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is harassing her and coming to her house. The ex-girlfriend stated she came over to get gas money. The ex-girlfriend was advised to not return to prevent any further problems.
  • Traffic Stop, Mill S.t/Lawrence St., the officer observed a vehicle driving at a high rate of speed on Pine Park.  Officer was able to conduct a traffic stop on Mill Street. During the course of the stop, the officer noticed an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle.  The Officer ran the driver’s information through dispatch and was advised he had an active warrant out of Walton County.    Matthews Wesley was taken into custody for a failure to appear warrant.
  • Noise Complaint, West Creek Circle, reference to loud noise. Officer checked the area with negative contact.
  • Welfare Check, West Tall Oaks Dr., dispatch requested a welfare check on named male subject after he called them. Contact made with the subject – all okay.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Eastbound/Highway 11, Loganville PD out with a vehicle driving recklessly. SFSTs performed, Samuel Powers arrested for DUI-Combo. Refused Implied Consent. Vehicle towed by towing co.
  • Suspicious Person, Tanglewood Dr., reference to a female subject looking into a car and walking away when I passed by. The vehicle belonged to her roommate, all was ok.
  • Follow Up, South Broad St., MPD lobby, complainant, said she believes a named male subject has her stolen car because he posted on Facebook a vehicle that looks like hers that he is trying to sell. Complainant directed me to the old named auto sales and said the vehicle was in the back.  I went to the area and saw the vehicle. The VIN ‘s do not match. Supp to be added.
  • Suicide Attempt, South Madison Ave., called in s third party that named female subject had taken a bunch of pills.  Once on the scene, no one would come to the door. We thought it possibly could have been at another address and checked this residence with negative contact.  Dispatch advised it the location. We checked the residence again with negative contact and were advised a key holder was en route. Then dispatch advised they spoke to a female subject who had taken approx. 13 ibuprofen and was in a bronze Tahoe with her mom going to the hospital. The female subject would not allow dispatch to speak to her mom and disconnected the line. Officers waited at the residence for a few more minutes but no one arrived on the scene.
  • Burglary, Ridge Rd., complainant stated she came home and discovered the back door kicked in. Report Taken.
  • Meet With officer’s, South Broad St., MPD lobby, complainant wanted to know what to do about her neighbor and her kids due to her neighbor’s kids (5 years) always fighting her kids.  Complainant has been advised of remedies.
  • Dispute, Lacey St., complainant said his girlfriend maced him. Complainant is upset cause his girlfriend has his jackets and his girlfriend is upset because the complainant has her phone. Both parties deny having each other’s property. Complainant denied being maced but was upset about his property. Parties separated and advised of the civil process.
  • Theft, South Broad St., the complainant on scene requesting information on home security. Information given, report denied.
  • Meet with officers, South Broad St., MPD lobby, complainant request report in reference to an unknown female harassing him. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Person, Etten Dr., male subject selling home security. All ok.
  • Suspicious Person, Elm Dr., complainant advising drug activity in the area. Negative contact.
  • Vehicle Stop, Southside MHP: subject cited for failing to update an address. Glass pipe located. Submitted to evidence.
  • Harassment, Elm Place, reference to named male subject harassing complainant. The complainant was sent to Newton County to file a report due to the crime taking place there.
  • Suspicious Person, Davis St., a caller stated that a male was in their back-yard yelling. Upon arrival, a male was heard yelling in the back yard. Contact with Terrance Brewer was made in the back yard. He stated the dogs spoke to him and told him to be there. He was arrested and taken to the Walton County Jail free of incident.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Hwy 78/North Broad St., reference to a Dodge truck traveling at a high rate of speed and unable to maintain the lane.  Officer patrolled the area and had negative contact into the County.
  • Meet with Officer, East Washington St., James Monroe Homes. 2004 Honda Accord was illegally parked in a no parking zone that was posted blocking other vehicles. Attempts were made to contact the owner with negative contact. The vehicle was towed by towing co. per the posted sign. Contact was made with the owner after the vehicle was towed. She acknowledges that she was illegally parked, and that named towing co. had the vehicle.
  • Suicide Threats, Wheelhouse Lane, reference to a black male with no pants or shirt jumping in front of vehicles saying he wants to kill himself. Officers conducted an extensive area check with negative contact.
  • Traffic Stop, South Madison Ave., East Church St., 2012 Hyundai tag # stopped for no insurance. Sarah Thomas issued citations and her vehicle towed by towing co.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, MLK Jr Blvd., Carmichaels, reference to a white truck that’s been on location in the back since last week. Made Contact with the driver in a logistic truck. He advised he was waiting on a call for another delivery. He advised he would leave.
  • Dispute, Ash St., reference to complainant returning to the residence to find his locks changed after being released from jail. The complainant was advised of remedies.
  • Hit & Run on Highway 78 at Unisia Dr., reference to a tractor-trailer striking a Sentry Pest Control truck. Negative contact with the suspect vehicle. Report taken.
  • Stalking Report, South Broad St., Monroe Police Dept. lobby, the complainant was advised by her sister that named female was taking a TPO against her. The complainant stated she has had no contact with named female and doesn’t even know where he lives. She said someone created a fake FB account in her name and was contacting him. Report taken upon request. Remedies were advised.
  • Meet with Officer, South Broad St., Monroe Police Dept. lobby, complainant stated she was having issues with her son’s ex-girlfriend coming over to their residence. She was advised of remedies.
  • Traffic Stop, Highway 78 WB exit to Charlotte Rowell. Reference tag # no insurance. Citations issued to the driver for multiple traffic infractions. The vehicle was towed by towing co.
  • Burglary Report, Custom Way, the complainant was advised by her neighbor that her front was found open and her dog got out. Officers cleared the residence with no signs of a burglary. Complainant confirmed that nothing was missing other than her dog. While on the scene her dog returned home. Report declined.
  • Harassment, South Broad St., Monroe Police Dept., lobby, the complainant was upset because a stranger took a picture of her and her child at Piedmont Walton and posted it on FB saying she was a bad parent. She was advised of remedies.
  • Dispute, West Spring St., Waffle House, reference to a male and female arguing behind the building. Officers made contact with male and female subjects. Both parties denied any type of dispute occurring. All ok.
  • Assault, Highway 138, Chick-fil-a, reference to complainant being assaulted by an unknown black male subject. The complainant had a small laceration above his right eye; he was treated on scene by EMS. The offender was GOA; an area check was conducted with negative contact. Report taken, CID was notified.
  • Suspicious person, Oak Ridge, Multi reports of a white male with a laptop going door to door selling security cameras. Area checked with no contact.
  • Juvenile Complaint, East Church St., reference to complainant believing named male subject was outside her home. Spoke with a named male subject on Chestnut Lane and he stated complainant has been calling him for the last few weeks saying he was at her house when he was home. Believes she is suffering memory issues due to age.
  • Agency Assist, Vine St., met with an employee from DFCS while she conducted interviews. All ok.
  • Dispute, Jessica Way, reference to a domestic dispute between daughter and her mother. Parties agreed to separate for the night.
  • Suspicious Person, East Fambrough St., reference to a male subject walking in dark with a walker. Subject transported to South Broad where he now lives.

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