MPD Reports: Slew of autos entered in Masters Dr. and surrounding area

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The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Jan. 11 – 17, 2019. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Suspicious Vehicle, Masters Dr., made contact with a green truck. Came back to Masters Dr. Made contact with owner advising the vehicle was parked at her residence last date. Report Taken.
  • Entering Auto, Thompson Ridge Dr., Complainant reporting Chromebook and school backpack taken during the night. Advised she left the door unlocked. Report taken,
  • Entering Auto, Masters Dr., made contact with the complainant. He advised his vehicle was gone through. Report Taken.
  • Entering Auto, Thompson Ridge Dr., located door ajar, made contact with the owner. Nothing missing from the vehicle, report denied.
  • Area Check, located stolen items from the earlier call. All items but Chromebook located at Thompson Ridge and Miranda Ridge.
  • Entering Auto, Heritage Trace, Quentin Malcom advised his black Cadillac was entered and a silver Taurus handgun was taken. Mr. Malcom also had a warrant for his arrest out of Monroe PD. He was transported to the jail. Report taken.
  • Entering Auto, Nicholas Court, complainant reporting backpack and bank keys taken. Backpack recovered, keys still missing. Report taken.
  • Entering Auto, Masters Dr., met with the complainant. She stated that her two vehicles were gone through, but nothing was taken. She declined a report at this time. Located stolen property ref: Case #.
  • Flag Down, Masters Dr., complainant flagged me down in reference to an entering auto. Advised nothing was taken, report denied.
  • Entering Auto, Masters Dr., met with the complainant. She stated that her vehicle was gone through. She did advise she has video. Report Taken.
  • Follow Up, Nicholas Court, surveillance video found in reference to entering autos around different neighborhoods. Report previously pulled.
  • Entering Auto, Thompson Ridge Dr., the complainant advised her husband’s truck was entered but no items were taken. She denied a report.
  • Found Property, Bridgeport Place, complainant property located on the side on the road in a similar manner to that of previous entering auto cases this date. Report taken.
  • Follow Up, Hickory Dr., attempt to contact named male subject in reference to possible leads on entering auto cases this date.
  • Dispute, West Spring St., the complainant on the scene in reference to not getting W2 form after working two days. Was advised to contact the Department of Labor or IRS. Situation mediated.
  • Entering Auto, Douglas St., met with the complainant. He stated he left his vehicle unlocked due to having electrical issues. Came out this morning and noticed his car was broken into. Report Taken.
  • Entering Auto, Fambrough St., met with the complainant, she stated she discovered her doors were opened on her vehicle. Report Taken.
  • Damage to Property, West Spring St., complainant reporting damage to her vehicle. Noticed it when she came out of Wal-Mart.
  • Entering Auto, Palmer Ct., the complainant advised her vehicle and her husband’s vehicle was entered. No items were taken and the husband drove his vehicle to work. Report denied.
  • Hit & Run, Hwy 138, complainant reporting a silver Acura bearing registration # struck her vehicle and left the scene. The driver returned and was cited for Fail to Yield to right of way. No injuries reported. Report taken.
  • Theft, South Madison Ave., complainant advised she left her wallet at this residence last night. The person she stayed with would not answer the door. Contact was made with the homeowner who advised that his daughter was not home. The complainant was advised to come back when his daughter is home.
  • Dispute, South Broad St., the complainant in lobby advising a dispute. The subject was gone when officers arrived, no dispute observed.
  • Meet With, South Madison Ave., complainant reporting her stepfather walked out of the bathroom masturbating. She advised he apologized and claimed he was pulling his pants up. The complainant stated it happened on Oak St. Complainant is 18. Report denied.
  • Shoplifting, West Spring St., met with LPO. who had two females in the office for miss scanning of merchandise valued at $43.89. Tbe other female was released and one was arrested for shoplifting. Report Taken.
  • Juvenile Complaint, Tanglewood Dr., mother reporting her son was unruly and does not want to be spanked. Advised to contact the juvenile court if the situation continues. Situation mediated.
  • Mental Patient, West Spring St., met with mother. She wanted her son to get some help at the hospital. I met with the son he stated he did not need help and was sick of his mother. The mother was advised of the remedies and the civil process.
  • Criminal Trespass, Glen Iris Dr., report of prank like activity. Someone entered and moved items around. Nothing damaged or taken. Report denied.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Breedlove Ct., two subjects on location getting scraps of wood out of the dumpster. Both subjects work for the landscaping company for this neighborhood. All ok.
  • Suspicious Person, Breedlove Dr., an officer got out with male subject due to having blood on his face and clothing. He stated he was drunk last night at the Legion and fell. He was checked by EMS. All ok.
  • Juvenile Complainant, South Broad St., the male subject making a complaint of juveniles jumping trailer park fence. Verbal warning issued to both parties.
  • Domestic Dispute, Shamrock Dr., mother and son in a dispute over son going to get help for his drug addiction. DFACS safety plan already in place for children in the home. Documentation report will be completed. Son advised he will go somewhere else for the weekend until he can be evaluated at Ridgeview on Monday. No physical violence occurred during the dispute.
  • Damage to Property, Poplar St., the complainant on the scene wanting legal advice in reference to key marks on a car that happened previous night. Report denied all ok.
  • Dispute, Sporty Lane, two subjects disputing over property. Report taken.
  • Animal Complaint, Nowell St., made contact with the complainant in reference to having a dog in a wire crate. Advised him to bring the dog inside reference to inclement weather. The dog appeared to be in good health and spirits. All ok.
  • Child Custody, Heritage Ridge Dr., complainant requesting a report of named female refusing to return her child. Named female has court ordered temporary custody of the child. Named female lives in Lilburn. Report taken.
  • Traffic Stop, East Church St./Harris St., driver stopped for no tag. Vehicle impounded by the towing company for no insurance. Driver cited for no tag, no insurance, improper child restraint. Report taken.
  • Shoplifting, Quality Foods, reference to a subject for stealing medicine. She was arrested for Shoplifting and released on copy of the citation.
  • Theft Report, Maple St., complainant claiming a named female took change at an unknown time. Report denied.
  • Suspicious Person, Nicholas Court/Masters Dr., the anonymous complainant stated he observed several male subjects in the area for an extended period of time. Area check conducted with negative contact.
  • Burglary, Custom Way, reference to someone kicking in the back door. The residence was cleared, and there was no one on location. Made contact with the landlord who stated he went to the residence earlier in the day and the apartment was a mess, but he did see tv’s in the residence. He gave me a contact for a female who stays at the residence, contact was made and she advised that she wouldn’t be able to come to the location until 0700. She did ask if her tvs were missing. Report taken.
  • Wanted Person, North Broad St., reference to Dakota Herring wanting to turn himself in. He was arrested and transported to the Walton County Jail.
  • Dispute, West Creek Circle, reference to mother calling because her daughter arguing with a male outside the residence. Daughter did not cooperate and didn’t want a report.

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