MPD Reports: Slew of juvenile complaints, mental health issues and domestic disputes

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Sept. 3 – 10, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Dispute – Sorrell St – Complainant stated subject threatened her with a hammer. Subject is a mental patient off of her medication. Parties separated. 

Suspicious Person – Church Street in reference to two subjects harassing customers. They were both Criminally Tresspassed from this location. 

Mental Patient/Dispute – Piedmont Walton -Staff called in reference to a male subject being agitated and attempting to leave. 

Dispute – N Broad St – Two subjects involved in dispute over relationship. One jumped on her car causing no damage and left before arrival. Report Taken 

Dispute – W Marable St – Neighbors disputing With each other about standing in the garden. Parties were separated. 

Suspicious Person – E. Church, Hammock Park – group of juveniles on location after dark. They were sent on their way. 

Suspicious Person – Davis St & Wall St – juveniles on location in a civil dispute over a cell phone. Phone returned to owner and all ok. 

Traffic Offense – Hwy 78 EB & Hwy 11. Taillight stop, investigation discovered that a subject was in possession of Meth, marijuana and DRO. Arrested and Report made. 

Suspicious Person – Towler St – Large party, crowd was disbursed. 

Suspicious Person – Towler St – Two females were outside talking loud, just got back from birthday party, they were told to keep it down. 

Fight – Classic Tr – An adult subject and a group of juveniles fighting in the roadway. The adult was tased and taken into custody. The Department of Juvenile Justice was contacted and juveniles turned over to parents and juvenile complaints filled. 

Juvenile Complaint – Jessica Way – in reference to daughter staying out late with people she is not supposed to be with. Options were explained. 

Illegal Dumping – South Broad Street in reference to the dead smell coming from the dumpster. Smell was coming from rancid meat. 

Burglary – North Broad Street at Monroe Church Of Christ: The complainant reported a Dell Laptop stolen sometime between Thursday and Saturday. No serial number for GCIC purposes at this time, report taken. 

Reckless Driver – Thompson Ridge Drive: in reference to black male in a black ford Mustang driving extremely reckless in the area. Contact made with the subject and he was issued a verbal warning and his mother was contacted. 

Damaged Property – Claywill Circle: in reference to subject keyed victims’ vehicle on 08/30/20.

Other Law – South Broad Street: in reference to located runaway juvenile. 

Dispute – Davis Street: in reference to complainant reporting subject for taking her wallet and phone the previous date. 

Dispute – Pine Park Street in reference to complainant Reporting her husband drunk, naked and disputing with her in their home. 

Dispute – West Spring Street at Piedmont Walton: mental evaluation Patient being combative with staff. Subject was restrained and treated by medical staff on location. 

Stalking – Turner Street: In reference to subject keeps coming on to the property. Complainant wants him Criminally Trespassed from the property; other remedies were given. Report made. 

Dispute – Glen Iris Dr – Civil dispute between roommates. Landlord did not want the resident to go in the back yard. They were advised of options. 

Threats – Tigers Way. Neighbors disputing over their dogs being involved in a fight. They went their separate ways. All ok. 

Traffic Offense – Atha St & S Madison Ave -in reference to a traffic stop for equipment violation. Two subjects were arrested for possession of firearm during crime, possession of MDMA, Possession of Marijuana. Three handguns were collected as well as $2000.00 in cash. 

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