MPD Reports: Suicide attempt, sexual assaults and slew of entering autos

The City of Monroe Police Department is reporting the following incidents for the period Sept. 24 to Oct. 1. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Entering Auto – West Spring Street: in reference to complainant reporting an entering auto that occurred at Plaza Drive. 

Extra Patrol – Highland Village Apartments in reference property manager requesting extra patrol throughout the day in reference to entering autos. 

Wanted Person – Alcovy Street in reference to a subject being on location with an active probation violation. He was turned over to EMS due to medical episode. 

Juvenile Complaint – McDaniel Street (Monroe First Baptist) in reference to a 13-year-old panhandling. Ongoing issue, report made for unruly. 

Entering Auto – Plaza Trace: in reference to complainant reporting her vehicle entered and rummaged through. 

Entering Auto – Plaza Trace: in reference to complainant reporting her vehicle entered and rummaged through. Miscellaneous change was missing. 

Entering Auto – Plaza Trace: in reference to complainant reporting her vehicle entered and rummaged through. Nothing of value appeared to be missing. 

Sexual Assault – Pierce Street in reference to complainant stating she had been sexually assaulted from the age of 15 to 17 by her mother’s boyfriend. Welfare check conducted, awaiting complainant to meet with MPD to provide a statement. Report taken. 

Armed Robbery – West Spring Street. in reference to a black male subject wearing all black robbed the store. The subject was armed with a Glock. CID responded 

Entering Auto – Plaza Trace: in reference to complainant reporting her vehicle entered. No items appeared missing. 

Suspicious Vehicle – Great Oaks Plaza in reference to a tractor trailer driving recklessly. Contact made with driver and vehicle; verbal warning given. 

Sexual Assault – West Spring Street: in reference to complainant reporting being sexually assaulted while working at local store this date. CID responded. 

Burglary – Barrett St – Complainant called in reference to a male and female subject on her property possibly entering her unoccupied residence. Conducted an area check of the residence which is under construction and had negative contact with anyone on location, no signs of entry. 

Enter Auto – Ridge Rd. Vehicle entered 30 min prior to 911 call. A subject found walking away from scene on Ridge Rd. He was arrested for loitering. Search incident to arrest located pill bottles stolen from the vehicle. Arrested for Entering Auto, Loitering, Theft by taking X3, Possession of Cocaine, Drug Related Object, Possession of Schedule 4. Drugs to be kept in original container x3. CID notified due to recent increase of entering autos in area. 

Burglary Attempt – Winsor Dr – In reference to some unknown person trying to enter a home, area checked, no contact. 

Suspicious Vehicle – Tall Oaks W – Vehicle entered the neighborhood then turned around quickly upon seeing LEO. Vehicle was stopped and females were found to be lost. They were sent on their way. 

Other Law – Woodland Rd – In reference to a neighbor hearing a cry for help, forced entry made and found subject in bathtub. turned over to EMS. 

Suspicious Person – East Spring St., Short Stop. Ref to a b/m pan handling. Subject was gone when officers arrived. The area was searched with negative contact. Complainant was advised to call back if he returned. 

Entering auto – Green St. Ref to complainant wanted to make us aware that her vehicle was entered sometime on Wednesday, Sep. 23rd. Complainant advised she really just needed us to unlock her vehicle for her now. 

Fraud – Highland Terr. Ref to complainant, reporting that some used her debit card to purchase a $9.62 meal at Panera Bread on Sept. 22nd around 9am. 

Harassing Calls – Milledge Ave. Complainant stated her ex-husband was violating bond conditions. Complainant lives in the county, call turned over to Walton County Sheriff’s Office. 

Dispute – South Madison Ave. Ref to a couple having a dispute over money. Parties separated. 

Fraud – South Broad St., Winged Foot Athletic. Complainant stated a subject wrote a check that bounced. Report was taken, TOT CID. 

Suicide attempt – Unisia Dr., Hatachi. Subject overdosed on heroine. Narcan administered and transported by EMS. Report completed due to Hatachi property located in vehicle as well as complaint, having a warrant out of Barrow County. BCSO requested a hold be placed and he was TOT BCSO. 

Damage to property – East Church St. and Lumpkin St. Ref to a truck that hit a curb in the construction area on Church St. 

Damage to property – E Church St – Complainant stated that he witnessed three B/M juveniles kicked a door open to a storage building belonging to the Monroe Church of God. Descriptions given was one subject wearing a green sweatshirt, and one subject wearing black pants. The building was not entered. Possible camera footage available next date. Report taken. 

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