MPD Reports: Suspicious behavior was just making of tick-tock video; slew of entering autos

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Nov. 12 – 19, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into six parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Civil Issue – West Spring St. (Wal-Mart): Complainant stated after paying for a computer an employee walked off with it. Employee stated he did not know complainant paid for the computer and when she started cursing at him; he walked away from her with the computer. The Computer was given back to complainant. 

Child custody – Oakwood Ln. Caller advised her ex-husband didn’t bring their son to her house, even though it was her weekend. Report taken for family court purposes. 

Speeding Vehicle -Davis Street. Caller advised a primer gray Monte Carlo was speeding down the street. Vehicle was parked in a driveway upon arrival. Caller did not want to meet. 

Dispute – Baker St. Custody issue. Resolved. Male party was wanted for simple battery out of Athens- Clarke County. 

Fight – E Marable Street two black males fighting in the area. Subjects were gone when officers arrived. 

Dispute – Breedlove Dr (Ridgeview) – Complainant stated she was being held against her will. Upon arrival, staff advised she was under a mental evaluation order and provided order to officers. 

Prowler – Highland Ave Subject being on location earlier in the night. Ongoing issue between two parties. Parties advised of Temporary Protection Order process 

Suspicious Person – W Spring St. Juveniles loitering on location. Juveniles were not causing a disturbance and no complaint was made. They were advised to find somewhere else to congregate. 

Armed Robbery – Jessica Way – Victim being shot during a robbery attempt by two black males, one dressed in dark clothing the other in camouflage. Victim transported to Athens Piedmont Hospital. Scene secured and turned over to CID. 

Suspicious Vehicle – East Church Street at Hammock Park. Two females on location taking photographs. They were advised of park hours and sent on their way. 

Other Law – Harry’s Marathon. complainant stated she was in a violent domestic dispute. Upon arrival it was determined that she and the suspect were gone when officers arrive. It was in the county and the incident occurred in Covington GA. Turned over to Walton County Sheriff’s Office.. 

Hit-and-Run – Hwy 78 & Unisia Dr to a van rear ending the complainant and leaving the scene on James Huff Road. TOT WCSO. 

Assault – West Spring Street (Huddle House): Subject on location refusing to leave. Complainant wanted to have subject issued a CT from this location. The subject was given a Criminal Trespass warning to stay away from this location. Report Made. 

Damage to Property – South Broad Street: in reference to a bullet hole in the complainant’s shed in the back yard. Reference to previous case. 

Dispute) 515 Apt A King Street in reference to a resident trying to make her daughter’s ex-boyfriend out of the apartment. He was gone before officers arrival. 

Entering Auto) 828 Overlook Trail: In reference to a resident discovering that his vehicle was gone through. He wanted the incident to be documented. Report made. 

Entering Auto) 903 Amber Trail: In reference to a vehicle being gone through. Report taken 

Suspicious vehicle) Stokes St. in reference to a resident calling to say that he almost pulled out in front of a kid on a mini bike and caused an accident. I spoke with the juvenile about road safety. 

Entering Auto) 740 Overlook Crest: In reference to a resident’s vehicle being gone through, wanted the incident to be documented. Report made. 20M018054 

Suspicious person – Martin Luther King BLVD a white female laying on top of her vehicle talking to a pole and dancing. Everything was okay Female subject was making a Ticktock 

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