MPD Reports: Woman accidentally shoots her finger; slew of domestic disputes and shoplifting

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Aug. 13 – 20, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Burglary – North Broad Street at Monroe Food Mart in reference to someone entering the business overnight by breaking through the rear concrete wall. 

Found Property – West Spring Street: In reference to the manager located two phones on the loading dock. 

Suspicious Person – W. Spring St. (Sun Trust Bank) – In reference to subject sitting behind the bank. Subject was advised they wanted him to leave. He left the area. 

Other Law – Turner Street in reference to a Vehicle driving recklessly in the area. It was gone when officers arrived 

Theft – Hot Spot Marable Street in reference to a cell phone possibly stolen from this location. Video footage showed no theft occurred, subject left with cellphone in hand. 

Suspicious person – in reference to a subject laying down in the back seat of a car. All okay. 

Suspicious Vehicle – Cherry Hill Road: Employees of the power plant stated a female subject in a 2016 Ford Explorer came onto the property and attempted to gain entry through the gate. BOLO sent to surrounding agencies. 

Mental Patient – A Mill Stone Bluff in reference to subject having a mental health episode. Turned over to EMS 

Harassment – West Highland Ave: Complainant wanted to do what he can do about incorrect information that is being posted on social media. Civil options were explained. 

Assault – East Fambrough Street: Female subject was placed under arrest for aggravated assault on subject. 

Shoplifting – West Spring Street -In reference to a female subject attempting to shoplift items from Walmart. She was arrested and released on copy. 

Dispute – Mill Stone Bluff Male subject and his wife in a dispute over children. Parties separated and DFACS referral done due to possible child abuse. 

Dispute – West Marable St. Complainant and her boyfriend arguing. Male subject left before officers arrived. Verbal only at this time. 

Suspicious person – West Spring St. and Breedlove Dr. Ref to a b/m pushing a buggy in the roadway. Contact was made and subject advised he liked mean women and was going to get food, he was directed to the sidewalk. 

Suspicious vehicle – HW138, Applebee’s. Ref to a Sunfire in the parking lot with steering wheel damage. Comp is concerned it may be stolen. Vehicle not stolen, all ok. 

Dispute – West Spring St., Piedmont Walton. Ref to a mental patient refusing to go with EMS for transport. Subject was transported, all ok. 

Shoplifting – West Spring St., Walmart. Subject released on citation for shoplifting $32.21 of items. 

Other Law – Tall Oaks East. Couple got into a verbal argument after consuming alcohol. Parties separated. 

Dispute – Davis Street Subjects on location arguing after consuming alcohol. Parties separated 

Suspicious Person – Michael Etchison Rd. and 138. Subject in the road. He was directed out of the roadway and went towards Great Oaks. 

Dispute – Custom Way; Dispute between two parties over one of them possibly urinating on the others’ porch. 

Shoplifting – W. Spring St; Walmart. Subject shoplifted $14.98 worth of items. She was fingerprinted and released on citation. 

Suspicious Person – Great Oaks Dr. Cocina Fuentes. In reference to a black male begging customers for money, wearing all white, with a Walmart shopping cart. Negative contact. All ok. 

Dispute – Mill Stone Bluff Unit A. In reference to utilities that were turned off at the residence. 

Assault Law – W Spring St. Piedmont Walton. In reference to a female who accidentally shot her finger at Trading Place. Detective Holiday responded to the ER. Report taken. 

Assault – Carver Pl. In reference to two males assaulting the complainant on the previous date in front of her residence. Report taken. 

Dispute) on S Madison Ave. Contact made with complainant at Chevron on S. Broad who stated a subject was following her. Negative contact with other party. All ok. 

Suspicious Person – Davis St In reference to two males in neighbors’ yard behind their vehicle. The subject was identified and sent on his way. 

Dispute – Towler St. Call unfounded. Civil issue in reference to cell phone. All ok. 

Suspicious Person – McDaniel St. In reference to the complainant crying and saying that he will not leave her alone. Advised she is scared. It was determined that the female is suffering from dementia. All ok. 

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