Peaceful protest planned for Loganville Wednesday by Black Lives Matter

Following two days of peaceful protests in Monroe by members of the community carrying signs in support of Black Lives Matter, a protest has been called for in the City of Loganville on Wednesday evening, June 3. It initially called for a march from the lawn on Main Street to the police department, but will instead take place at City Hall. The City of Loganville released the following statement on its page.

“We are aware that a peaceful protest has been scheduled to take place tonight in the City of Loganville. After being made aware of the protest, Mayor (Rey) Martinez reached out to the event organizers and expressed concerns about everyone’s safety marching along Highway 78 to the police department. They were willing to move it over here to City Hall.

We look forward to providing the support needed for residents to safely take part in this expression of the First Amendment.

Martinez reached out to local pastors and city leaders and asked them to join him on the field behind City Hall at 6:30 p.m. to pray for a peaceful march.



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