Recent DOT change at Rowe Road and Hwy 78

Letters to the Editor

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God bless GDOT for their recent changes at Rowe Road and Hwy. 78. They have eliminated a very dangerous situation at that intersection. I’ve grown tired of seeing the results of accidents there. Bloodied people being loaded into ambulances, mangled cars and even a few crosses by the roadside where people have died.

Now let’s talk about their solution: Red light or U-turn:  Certainly a red light for me would be more convenient than the solution they provided. I can no longer go straight across to Troy Smith Road or turn left on 78 toward Loganville. If they had put a red light there I would probably have to wait 30 seconds to a minute if the light was red for me. The way they have fixed now only takes about two minutes to turn right, make a u-turn at the first available opening and get back to Rowe road and 78. One or two minutes out of my day is a very small price to pay for the safety of my family.

Thanks again GDOT!

Ronnie Bowen


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