Walton County BOC to consider conditional use for 40-home gated community on Nunnally Farm Road

The Walton County Board of Commissioners will meet via teleconference at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, May 5, 2020 for the May 2020 BOC meeting. One of the items on the agenda will be to consider a conditional use that will allow for a 47.27 acre gated-community subdivision on Nunnally Farm Road Conditional to be gated and the streets to be owned and maintained by mandatory homeowners association. There also will be a rezone application to allow for land to be divided and added to The Fields at Alcovy Subdivision.

The full agenda follows.

1.01 3 Minute Limit

2. Meeting Opening

2.01 Pledge of Allegiance & Invocation

2.02 Call to Order

2.03 Roll Call

3. Adoption of Agenda

3.01 Additions/Deletions

4. Planning Commission Recommendations

4.01 Approval of CU20020008– Conditional Use for subdivision to be gated & streets to be owned & maintained by mandatory homeowners association – Applicant: Reliant Homes GA LLC/Owner: MFT Land Investments LLC – Nunnally Farm Road – Map/Parcel C0630077C00 – District 1

4.02 Approval of Z20020019 – Rezone 1.98 acres from B1 to B3 for metal building & outside storage – Applicant: Daniel Cagle/Owner: Jeffery Kennedy – 2720 John Stowe Road – Map/Parcel C1200149 – District 6

4.03 Approval of Z20020021 – Rezone 1.24 acres from A2 to R1 – Applicant: Brian Stout/Owner: Brian & Gail Stout – 252 Hightower Ridge Road – Map/Parcel N054B028 – District 3

4.04 Approval of Z20030001– Rezone 11.00 acres from A1 to A2 OSC to allow land to be divided and added to The Fields at Alcovy Subdivision – Applicant: Reliant Homes GA LLC/Owner: TMFT Lot Investments LLC – 1900 Alcovy Mountain Rd – Map/Parcel C1390008A00 – District 4

5. Administrative Consent Agenda

5.01 Monthly Financial Matters, Contracts & Approval of Meeting Minutes

6. Finance

6.01 Presentation of Proposed FY 2021 Budget

7. Resolutions

7.01 FY 2020 Budget Amendments

7.02 Capital Improvements Element Transmittal – Impact Fee Program

8. Human Resources

8.01 Appointment of Animal Control Director

8.02 Decision on Extension of Hazardous Duty Pay

9. Announcements

9.01 June 2, 2020 – Regular Monthly Meeting – 6:00 p.m.

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