$10 pet microchip puts family back together after 8 months missing

By Emily Goldstein

I had the pleasure of talking with Katressa Rollins just two days after the amazing story emerged of her dog, Khane, being reunited with her after 8 long months.

Katressa told me of how her two boxers, Khane and Khloey, were like her and Keenan’s children. Keenan is Khane’s daddy. They took them everywhere they went and loved and lived life as if they were their children. So when New Year’s eve rolled around, it came as no surprise Khane s daddy took him to a New Year’s Eve party at a hotel on Shallowford Road in Atlanta. It was somehow during this party that Khane slipped out the door.

Khane’s parents, were devastated. They did all the right things immediately. They notified the microchip company to report him as lost. They took to Facebook. They registered him lost anywhere they could. They posted signs in the location in which he was lost. They searched on foot and they searched shelters, endlessly, for six solid weeks. Katressa says at the end of the six week she gave up hope that she would ever see her Khane again.

Thursday Aug. 3 2017, Katressa got a phone call from Buddy ID, The microchip monitoring company she has the microchip registered with. The person on the other side said, “Your dog has been found.” It’s been eight months and now she still has Khloey and and a new puppy, so her first response was “What do you mean? My dogs are right here.”  That’s when everything changed. The customer service person at the end of the other line said Khane had been scanned and located in Walton county. Chatters was in shock and said she thought to herself, “Eight months – could he still be alive? Would  they call me about a dog that was not mine? Should I ask?”  Unsure and scared, she called  Walton County Animal Control where the microchip monitory company had told her Khane was.

It was in that conversation that she learned a police officer had found him alive and was giving him water while she spoke to Officer Hall of Walton County Animal Control. That’s when it started to get real and she realized he was alive!  She quickly made arrangements to be there the very next day to be reunited.

Khane was about 50 miles from where he was lost and many pounds lighter, but alive and in pretty good shape for a dog that had been on the run for eight months. It is Katressa’s belief that somewhere along the way he was taken in by someone or he would of been in even worse shape.

Khane and Khloey

The first order of business when Katressa got home with Khane was not to bring him inside until he had a much needed flea bath in the backyard. She began to hear barking from inside her home Khloey, his sister, seemed to know by scent that Khane was home.  She began as Katressa says, “acting like a wild woman,” attacking the back sliding door. “The door survived the excitement, but screen did not ”

Now two days home, he’s been a little skiddish and follows his mommy everywhere, including this morning she said, almost into the shower. But Katressa wants people to know how important it is to microchip your pet. For that $10 she was able to get her treasured, loved and deeply missed Khane back.

Contact your local vet or pet clinic for prices and information reguarding microchipping your pet today!!!

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