2019 Capitol Update Week 5 – HB 184 Small Cell (5G) Passes House

This week the House passed HB 184 the Streamlining Wireless Facilities and Antennas Act. 
This legislation provides access to the public right-of-way and standardizes the permitting process to facilitate deployment of next generation Small Cell (5G) technology. The Georgia Municipal AssociationAssociation of County CommissionersVerizon, and AT&Tworked together to support this compromise legislation benefitting Georgia consumers. 
Bills of interest this week.

Several bills this week you may find of interest.

  • HB 182 Lowers the threshold for collection of online sales taxes further leveling the playing field for our brick and mortar retailers. Adopts the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the “Wayfair” case. HB 182 passed the Ways & Means Committee and is now pending before Rules.
  • HB 183 Preserves your right to appeal your property tax assessment. Some counties took the position that if you didn’t respond to your Notice of Assessment you gave up your right to appeal the final assessment. Not on my watch! Also pending in Rules Committee.
  • HB 63 creates exceptions to Step Therapy requirements mandated by insurers so that doctors have flexibility in better diagnosing and prescribing treatments for their patients. Passed the House overwhelmingly and is headed to the Senate.
  • SB 25 clarifies Rules of the Road when approaching or passing a school bus making entering and exiting a school bus safer for our kids. SB 25 was signed into law by Governor Kemp – the first bill to become law under his leadership.
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