76 Gas Station and Quick Food Mart in Monroe damaged in wreck back open for business

It was almost two and a half months ago that a Rockdale County Sheriff’s deputy crashed into the 76 Gas Station and  Quick Food Mart in Monroe, effectively shutting it down for several weeks. The repairs are now complete and the gas station and food mart is back open for business. It began operating again on Friday, April 5, 2019.

It was early in the morning of Jan. 22, 2019, when a Rockdale County Sheriff’s Deputy ran off the road and into the side of the Quick Food Mart Building located at the corner of Breedlove Drive and Spring Street in Monroe. The collision injured the clerk working behind the counter in the store at the time as well as the deputy driving the vehicle. Both ended up in the hospital requiring treatment. The deputy had to be extricated from his car. He was subsequently charged with failing to maintain lane.

However, the Quick Food Mart building located at 1309 West Spring St. required extensive repairs and had to be shut down for several weeks to get it back into an operational condition. Those repairs are now complete and customers can return to filling up at the gas station and purchasing supplies and lottery tickets from the location.



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