MPD Reports: Courtesy rides for hospital discharge and running out of gas and domestic dispute over canine custody

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Jan. 4 – 11, 2024. Due to the length, this report was split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Suspicious Person – West Spring St; Burger King – In reference to a subject possibly digging behind  bushes next to Burger King. Negative contact with the subject. Due to the large mound of cat food, fresh  hay, and abundance of cats in the area, It appears that the suspicious person was feeding cats.
  • Child custody – Tanglewood Dr. – In reference to a male subject not following a child custody  agreement that was issued in a different state. Civil remedies advised.  
  • Traffic Stop/Arrest – Carwood Dr @ West Spring St; Traffic stop conducted for a cracked windshield and  seatbelt violation. The driver had a warrant out of Newton County. Vehicle was  turned over to the passenger and the subject was transported to WCSO without incident.  
  • Dispute – Chestnut Cupboard – Male subject was intoxicated arguing with a store clerk about paying for  gas and both clerks stated he never paid for gas. The subject was given the opportunity to leave but  refused to do so quietly yelling and causing a scene in public. He was arrested for Public  Drunk city ordinance violation transported to the Monroe PD and released on copy of citation.  
  • Traffic Stop – Michael Etchinson / McDaniel Street – Vehicle stopped for no tag displayed driven by  a female driver. She was cited for no tag and no insurance, and the vehicle was towed by Taylors.  
  • Prowler – Woodland Rd: In reference to the complainant advising of someone pulling  on his front door handle. The area was checked, and negative contact was made.  
  • Motorist Assist – S Broad/Alcovy- Complainants vehicle ran out of gas and his vehicle was stuck in the  intersection. He was given a ride to a gas station to purchase a can of gasoline and get his vehicle back  on the way.  
  • Entering Auto – Ash Lane. Complainant reported a person taking a pistol out of his unlocked vehicle.  
  • Suspicious Person – W. Spring St. In reference to a report of a person attempting to flag down drivers.  The area was checked with negative contact. 
  • Dispute – Indian Creek Dr. – Couple involved in a verbal dispute over canines, while  going through a divorce. The situation was mediated, and the canines left with the female subject.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Hwy 78 and Cedar Ridge Rd.- In reference to a silver truck unable to maintain lane.  Negative contact with the truck. 
  • Dispute – Tall Oaks Lane in reference to a male and female in a physical altercation.  The male was placed under arrest for Battery. 
  • TPO Violation – Nowell St. – Subject requesting to violate a no contact/stalking order against a subject in reference to a video on social media. In the video she was not mentioned by name, and she  was not tagged in the video. Remedies advised. 
  • Suspicious Vehicle – W. Spring St. Complainant reported a vehicle on location with expired tags. Area  checked with no contact.  
  • Damage to property – N. Broad St. – Subject wanted to report damage to property  that occurred 20 minutes prior to the call located at Hwy 78 on ramp and Hwy 11 N. Report taken. 
  • Dispute – E Fambrough St in reference to a dispute in the parking lot. Negative contact with the  complainant.  
  • Suspicious Vehicle – HWY 78 EB: Third party caller stated a possible hit and run had occurred.  Complainant lost visual. Area checked with negative contact.
  • Dispute – Towler St; – Female subject called in reference to two subjects verbally arguing. One was gone when officers arrived – nothing physical occurred. Incident documented. 
  • Dispute – Piedmont Walton: In reference to a male subject being discharged and told to leave. He was  given a courtesy ride to Twin Lakes Recovery Center and turned over to staff on location. 
  • Suspicious Vehicle – W Spring St & Childers Park: Monroe Utilities on location checking pond water  levels. All okay. 
  • Narcotics – W Marable St.: In reference to a male subject possibly on location involved in the sale and distribution of narcotics. Complainant requested no contact be made and that the residence and the suspect’s vehicle be observed. 

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