A Happy, Healthy New Year for your Pets

New Year’s Eve is an exciting fun Night. All the Food, friends, drinks, fireworks, and Fun. But all of these things can be very scary, and sometimes dangerous, for your pets.

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Make sure that New Year’s Eve is a good time for your pets as well as you.

1. Fireworks: These are very pretty and your town, as well as your neighbors, might be setting them off. Though you might like them, chances are your dog and cat do not. They are loud, sudden and can cause a lot of anxiety and stress. Make sure to give your Pet a safe place to go to get away from the noise if it becomes to overwhelming. Create your own safe spot for them that is dark and quiet. Often times your bedroom is a good place, because it smells like you, but is likely removed from the activity.

One of the biggest dangers of fireworks is having your pet run away. They hear the noise and get scared. When your pet gets scared, they try to run away from what is scaring them and fast with no concept of direction. If your furbaby is outside, there is a higher risk of them getting out of the yard to try and escape the loud noise. Make sure you Pet is microchipped, in case your furbaby does get out, or has tags and collar on with accurate Information.

2. Gunfire: I am sure you have heard all the gunshots going off at midnight. Like fireworks, the loud bang can be very scary for your furbaby. Give them a safe place to hide out during all the noise. Bullets shot into the air have to come down eventually. Though this rarely causes any harm because the bullet has slowed significantly from its firing speed, it can still be a danger to your pet. It is best to keep them inside and away from any friendly fire.

3. Food: The holidays are filled with great food and drink! But a lot of this is not good for your dog or cat, and some can even be toxic. Make sure to only give your pet dog or cat treats and keep the scraps on your own plate. Put dishes with candy and treats up far away from dogs and cats. Some human food can just make your pet sick and some of it can actually kill them. It is better to be safe than sorry.

4. Balloons: Balloons, streamers, confetti and plastic hats are all a part of the New Year fun! However, these items are dangerous to your pet if ingested. Your dog or cat may want to play with these things, but a popped balloon, when swallowed, can be an immediate choking hazard. Streamers can get tangled up in your pet’s gut, when eaten, causing significant gastrointestinal problems.

Happy New Year, May you and your furbabies stay safe!

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