A Walton Wellness ‘Health is your Wealth’ series: The Opioid Epidemic in Walton County

Walton Wellness has launched a podcast aimed at improving the health and wellness of the Walton County Community titled “Health is your Wealth.” The first is a 4-part series that focuses on the opioid epidemic that is sweeping the country and its impact in Walton County. This is the first podcast in the series.

“We hear the story of Erinn’s addiction and recovery. We think you’re going to learn a lot from this podcast and want to share with your friends. Please listen and let us know what you think,” said DeDe Harris, executive director of Walton Wellness and author of the podcast.

This podcast focuses on the story of Erinn Warren who was only 9 years old when she had her first taste of alcohol from the hands of her great aunt. Unfortunately for Erinn, she liked it. That eventually led her into a life of full-blown addiction. After breaking free from opioid addiction 7 years ago, she dedicated her life to working with those who are still gripped by addiction.

For a brief summary of her story, and the podcast, click on this link to go to the Walton Wellness site. In the podcast, you can find out what goes on in the mind of an addict and what Erinn is now doing to try to help those caught in the throes of addiction. You can also watch by going straight to the Podcast at the Podbean link below.

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