A Walton Wellness Series: Suicide In Walton: Episode 1 On Call with the Sheriff’s Office

 Walton Wellness has launched a podcast aimed at improving the health and wellness of the Walton County Community titled “Health is your Wealth.” This is the second topic addressed and is a 5-part series that focuses on suicide and its impact on Walton County.Suicide has claimed 169 lives in Walton County in the past 10 years.  In 2016 Walton County was counted among the top 30 counties in the state of Georgia with the highest suicide rates.

In this episode, host Dede Harris along with her co-host Bruce Young introduces the topic and shares some of Walton County’s alarming statistics.  LT. Ben Cornelius with the Walton County Sheriff’s Office shares his professional experience with answering suicide calls.  He takes us inside the mind of law enforcement when responding to a suicide call and provides a unique insight into this tragic situation.

Click or tap on the podcast link below to hear the first interview in the series.

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