A Walton Wellness Series: The Opioid Crisis in Walton County: Episode 2 The role of law enforcement

Walton Wellness has launched a podcast aimed at improving the health and wellness of the Walton County Community titled “Health is your Wealth.” The first is a 4-part series that focuses on the opioid epidemic that is sweeping the country and its impact in Walton County. This is the second podcast in the series – the role of Law Enforcement

If you think we live in a bubble because we are not in downtown Atlanta, Think again. The second in the Podcast series by Walton Wellness features a discussion with Sgt. Cory Ward who has been with the Walton County Sheriff’s Office for nine years. During that time, he has witnessed first hand the rise and effects of opioid addiction in our community. He gives an insightful look into the drug trade in Walton County.

Click or tap on this link to go to the Walton Wellness Health is Your Wealth website to listen to executive director DeDe Harris’s interview with Sgt. Cory Ward.

You can also watch by going straight to the Podcast at the Podbean link below.

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