Adriane Brown, candidate for Monroe City Council, wants to continue working with youth

Press release from Adriane Brown, candidate for Monroe City Council

Adriane Brown, candidate for District 3 of the Monroe City Council. Contributed photo

Monroe, GA, September 4, 2017- City Council Candidate Adriane Brown, announced her candidacy for the City of Monroe, District 3 and vows to continue her work with the community to tackle the involvement of youth and violence in Monroe.

Her campaign will focus on many issues however, Adriane has a passion for people, especially the youth in Monroe.  The rate of crime has sky rocketed within the Monroe community over the past two years.  According to, crime in Monroe averages 137% higher than the rest of Georgia, while the rate of crime nationally is 187% higher.  For every 100k people, there are 22.05 daily crimes that occur in Monroe.  Monroe is only 3% safer than other cities in the United States.  There is a 1 in 13 chance of becoming a victim of any crime in Monroe.  The number of crimes in Monroe has increased by an alarming 49%.  The youth in Monroe, plays a large part in those numbers.
“I desire to bring awareness to these issues and increase voter turnout, Brown said.”  “I will sit down and speak with our youth, their parents, and government officials in hopes of finding better conflict resolutions.”
Brown is holding a Meet & Greet on September 16, 2017, at the Cotton Café.  She also is scheduled to hold a Community Awareness activity on September 30th, at the First African Baptist Church in Monroe.  There will be a community cleanup, a change for voters to get registered, along with a panel to discuss conflict resolution.
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