After 22,287 false alarms last year, Gwinnett PD has instituted a False Alarm Reduction Program

Press release from Gwinnett County Police Department

Gwinnett County Government, – GA. Earlier this month, the Gwinnett County Government announced it has contracted CryWolf, from CentralSquare Technologies, to provide administrative and online services related to security alarm management, on behalf of the Gwinnett Police Department. 

False alarms cost an estimated 1.8 billion taxpayer dollars annually nationwide. In 2020 Gwinnett Police responded to approximately 22,450 alarm calls, only 163 of which were true alarm/emergencies.

The Gwinnett County Code of Ordinances requires security alarm systems to be registered with the Gwinnett Police Department. Citizens need to complete their registration by July 1, 2021. Failure to do so can result in an extra $25.00 fee for each false alarm.

As part of this transition, all alarm sites, including those previously registered, will be required to submit a new registration form. Registration can be completed online, by phone or by downloading a paper registration form and sending it by mail. 

The Gwinnett County ordinance is available on the website.

Gwinnett County Police Department False Alarm Reduction Program site:

Phone: # (833) 281-8743

Mailing Address for alarm program only: PO Box 745856, Atlanta, GA 30374-5856

Any questions regarding your alarm account should be referred to CryWolf, from CentralSquare Technologies.

During a calendar year, the following fee structure will apply for false alarms, at each alarm site:

False Alarm CountFee Assessed
First Response (1):$0.00 – No fee will be imposed.
Second Response (2):A $25.00 fee will be charged.*
Third Response (3):A $50.00 fee will be charged.
Fourth Response and Each Subsequent Response (4+):A $100.00 fee will be charged for each false alarm. The alarm registration can also be revoked.
*Alarm users may attend an “Alarm User Awareness Class” online at to abate the fee for the second false alarm, if applicable.

Additional Fees:

TypeFee Assessed
Operating an unregister security alarm system.An additional $25.00 fee for each false alarm.
Operating an alarm system for which the registration has been revoked.An additional $25.00 fee for each false alarm.
Reinstatement fee for revoked registrations.An additional $100.00 fee.

Fines/Other Penalties:

TypeFine and/or Penalty
Violating or failing to comply with any provision of the Alarm Systems Article.A fine, not to exceed $500.00; and imprisonment, not to exceed sixty (60) days; or both.**
**You may be summoned to the Gwinnett County Recorder’s Court for each violation and/or instance of noncompliance, and upon conviction, be punished with the fine and/or jail time, indicated above.

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