Alcovy CASA seeks volunteers to serve children in foster care

To be a champion for children is to step outside of one’s own comfortable zone and make a conscience decision to positively invade the life of a child that has been abused, neglected and deprived of one of the world’s greatest gifts, compassion for their well-being. Those who volunteer to advocate and be a voice for a child in foster care have noticed that a need exists and they harbor within themselves that extra thing called time to invest in one child’s future.

When a child is removed from their home, they have been removed from all that they know. What they know may not be in their best interest, what they know may not be safe for them, what they know is all that they know.  When that time comes that a child is removed, they are transitioned into a place of the unknowing. Who are these people taking me from my home? Where are they taking me? Where are they taking my mom? Why am I being placed in this stranger’s home? Why are my siblings being placed somewhere different? Why?

Alcovy CASA, Inc. serves Newton and Walton County. We currently serve approximately 300 children in both counties and are always seeking new advocates to join those determine to invest in our community. When many individuals consider volunteering, they convince themselves that they do not have the time because they are married, they have their own children, they are in school, they work full time, they work part time, they just don’t have any time to give.  I can assure you that the time that you may feel you have to dedicate toward this organization in very minimal but the pathway that you create for a foster child is endless.

Alcovy CASA, Inc. welcomes you to drop by our office, 1124 Clark Street, Covington, Georgia 30014, to learn about advocating for a foster child or feel free to go to our website, We also welcome email inquiries to or call 404-994-9191.

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