All but two seats are contested in Social Circle Municipal Elections

If you were not one of the 212 people who voted early in Social Circle, you still have an opportunity to cast your ballot in the Municipal Elections on Election Day, Nov. 7, 2017. The polls open at 7 a.m. All but two seats up for re-election are contested. Incumbent District 3 Councilman David Keener is uncontested for his City Council post, as in John Callahan for Social Circle City Schools Board of Education Chairman.

For District 1 on the City Council, Traysa Cody Price, William T. Haney and Adolphus Gaither will face off. School District 1 has four challengers, Jessica L. Hutcheson, Cassie D. Jones, Tonia Lumpkin and Kimberly B. Donaldson. In School District 2, Incumbent Jamie P. Petson faces a challenge from Antonio Rico Jackson and in School District 4, Incumbent Charles M. Akin faces a challenge from Sabrina R. Sanford-Flint.

The full list of candidates at close of qualifying follows: Click or tap on this link for a Sample Ballot from the Walton County Board of Elections website.

Social Circle City Council

District 1

  • Traysa Cody Price
  • William T. Haney
  • Adolphus Gaither

District 3

  • David Keener (I)

Social Circle Board of Education


  • John Callihan

District 1

District 2

  • Jamie P. Peterson (I)
  • Antonio Rico Jackson

District 4

  • Charles Akin (I)
  • Sabrina R. Sanford-Flint

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