All exhibitions, shows, sales, meets, etc of poultry in Georgia suspended due to Avian Influenza concerns

Cases identified in Indiana, Kentucky and Virginia, none so far in Georgia

The Georgia Department of Agriculture has suspended all exhibitions, shows, sales and meets, including flea markets, auction markets, swaps and meets, involving poultry and feathered fowl in Georgia with immediate effect. The suspension is in force until further notice. This action has been taken as a result of cases of the highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza being identified in Indiana, Kentucky and Virginia.

At this time, no cases have been identified in Georgia. However, the notification below from the office of Georgia Department of Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black gives signs to watch for in your flock that could indicate the disease. It also gives suggestions on how to make sure you protect your flock against possible contamination.

AI is a reportable disease in Georgia so any signs of the disease need to be reported to the Georgia Avian Influenza hotline at 770-766-6850.

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