And… We’re back – YLN returns to your eMailbox

If you noticed that you didn’t receive your daily Newsblast from Your Local News for the past two weeks (and we sort of hope that you did notice) we want to let you know there’s a good reason for that. Well, not a “good” reason, but a reason nonetheless.

I was hacked!!

Not the website, fortunately, but my computer.

Sunday, Jan. 7, I tried to get into my computer to set up the Newblast for Monday morning and could not get into the sign-in. When I eventually managed to get in almost two weeks later, after spending countless hours at the Apple store in the Mall of Georgia, I found that I had a series of emails that Sunday morning notifying me that “somebody” had changed my password and, if it was me, to just ignore it. Since I couldn’t get in, Google took it that I had ignored it so we were all good.

We were not!!

However, the good news is, I was able to get into the Your Local News website and keep the news running, albeit on my phone – and that’s another whole column on its own! However, I did have to get my computer wiped clean, losing a lot of data in the process, but at least now I’m off my phone and back on more workable equipment. I am slowly recovering all my passwords so the Newsblast is now back up and ready to go.

Hopefully, you did not miss too much. But if you don’t get your links and read news or updates through social media or going directly to the website, but just through the Newsblast, I am so sorry. Please feel free to click or tap on Your Local News and browse through the last two weeks of posts to make sure you didn’t miss anything of particularly value to you.

Thank you again for your patience, and for reading Your Local News. We really appreciate that too!

Sharon Swanepoel

Editor: Your Local News

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