Angenette Brooks will fill vacant District 1 Walton County BOE seat

by Chris Bridges - the Walton Tribune

The vacant seat on the Walton County Board of Education will be filled without a special election. Democrat Angenette Brooks was the sole person to qualify for the vacancy and therefore will be the new BOE representative for District 1.

Legally, Brooks will have to be sworn in before she can begin serving on the BOE, according to Walton County School District spokesperson Callen Moore. “Once the Secretary of State notifies our local authorities, they will work with Ms. Brooks to schedule a swearing-in ceremony. At this time, we are not sure if this will be completed before the next regularly scheduled meeting on Feb. 7. We look forward to meeting Ms. Brooks soon and working with her to serve our students, staff and community.”

Walton County Director of Elections Jenni Phipps said the special election had been set for Tuesday, March 21, but was cancelled once only one candidate qualified.

Brooks replaces former District 1 representative Simoan Baker who resigned after moving out of the district. Baker was also facing legal issues due to a felony charge of theft by conversion.

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