Animal advocates expected at Walton County BOC meeting Tuesday to address tethering laws

A large crowd of animal advocates from ETC Georgia and Off the Chain are expected to address the Walton County Board of Commissioners at the opening of the meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019. Off the Chain, an animal advocacy group that “provides non-judgmental assistance to improve the welfare of dogs who are chained/tethered in NE Georgia,” put out a call to like-minded residents in Walton County in advance of the meeting.

“Friends we need help getting people to these meetings in Walton. Off the Chain sees these issues throughout Barrow, Hall and Jackson but Walton Co. is loaded with chained dogs in horrible condition,” Off the Chain advocates wrote in the call out to residents. Hall County, however, did pass a full tethering ban in October 2018. “The commissioners need to see new faces, new concerned citizens. They need need need people to show up. Wear red. Help stop this abuse and let’s save these dogs from suffering.”

ETC (End the Cycle), is another organization that serves “as an advocate and voice for responsible dog ownership and owner accountability.” Its services include building free fences and distribution of free dog-houses for qualified families. It also provides education for responsible pet ownership and caring and, when available, will provide other resources like pet food, leashes, collars, pet carriers and water/food bowls. 

Monroe amended its animal ordinance to limit unsupervised tethering of pets in 2014 but later amended it to be more in line with Walton County’s ordinance for administrative purposes.

The Walton County BOC meeting begins at 6 p.m. on Tuesday in the Historic Courthouse on S Broad Street in Monroe. The public is invited to attend. The public can address the commissioners, for a time limit of 3 minutes, at the outset of the meeting. The full agenda follows.

1.01 3 Minute Limit 

2. Meeting Opening

2.01 Pledge of Allegiance & Invocation

2.02 Call to Order

2.03 Roll Call

3. Adoption of Agenda

3.01 Additions/Deletions

4. Planning Commission Recommendations

4.01 Approval of Z18110011– Rezone 1.066 acres from A1 to R1 to create a buildable lot-Applicant: Ron Smith/Owner: Pamela B Little – Marce Camp Rd – Map/Parcel C0490006C – District 1

4.02 Approval of CU18110012 – Conditional Use for an event facility – Applicant: Debra Parker & Kim Hash/Owner: KDC ROB, LLC- 2510 GA Hwy 81 – Map/Parcel C0510010 – District 3

4.03 Approval w/ conditions of CU18110013 – Conditional Use for Guest House – Applicant: Greg Coleman/Owner: Lynn Faircloth & Jenna Leigh Sorat – 2738 Broadnax Mill Rd – Map/Parcel C0480021 – District 1

4.04 Approval w/conditions of CU18110014 – Conditional Use to allow outside storage (to correct existing use that’s been there for several years) – Applicant: Britt River’s Edge LLC/Owner: Britt River’s Edge LLC, William Abraham Britt & Fallin Marie Britt – 2970 US Hwy 78 – Map/Parcel C0440045 – District 2

4.05 Approval of CU18120001 – Conditional Use for Guest House – Applicant/Owner: Troy & Heidi Wampold – 2009 Dry Pond Rd – Map/Parcel C1200091J00 – District 6

4.06 Approval of Z18120002– Rezone 16.86 acres from A1 to A to grow Christmas trees & blueberries to sell – Applicant/Owner: Steve & Shanna Welch – 300 Harrison Rd – Map/Parcel C1380016 – District 4

4.07 Approval of CU18120003 – Conditional Use for Guest House-Applicant: Renee Briscoe/Owner: Marcia Briscoe – 3124 Tig Knight Rd – Map/Parcel C0470067 – District 2

4.08 Approval w/ conditions of Z18120006 & LU18120008– Rezone 2.07 acres from B1 to B3 for auto repair paint & body shop and Land Use Change from Suburban to General Business District – Applicant: Mohsen Tajik/Owner: Tony R Hunter – 5031 Center Hill Church Rd – Map/Parcel C0290077 – District 3

5. Public Works

5.01 Request to Abandon Portion of Coggins Road

6. Administrative Consent Agenda

6.01 Monthly Financial Matters, Contracts & Approval of Meeting Minutes

7. Resolutions

7.01 FY 2019 Budget Amendments

8. Ordinances

8.01 An Ordinance to amend Chapter 34, Article III, Sec. 34-35 of The Code of Walton County, Georgia, regarding Hard Labor Creek Regional Reservoir; to authorize the enforcement of the provisions of said Article by the Law Enforcement Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources; to repeal conflicting ordinances; to provide an effective date; and for other purposes.

9. Appointments

9.01 Monroe-Walton County Library Board of Trustees

10. Announcements

10.01 March 5, 2019 – Regular Monthly Meeting – 6:00 p.m.

11. Executive Session
12. Adjournment

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