Animal Tethering Ordinance, Impact Fees on Walton County BOC agenda Tuesday

After voting last month to move forward on two controversial issues last month, the Walton County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to move forward on both consideration of the tethering ban on dogs and the decision to reinstate impact fees on construction. These items are on the Agenda for the Walton County Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday.

At last month’s meeting, there was an outburst of applause from animal advocates in attendance when the commissioners voted unanimously to have the county attorney get with Animal Control Director Bill Wise to draw up an ordinance that would include a no tethering amendment. It will be presented Tuesday for a public hearing before commissioners vote on it. At the time, animal advocates, including members of Unchain Walton and ETC (End the Cycle), said they were “hopeful” that the situation of tethered dogs in Walton County would finally be addressed. Animal advocates have been petitioning the county to make advances in amending the ordinance to include a no tethering ban for several years.  They noted that they are hoping for an “outright” ban on chaining dogs since partial bans with nuances such as “unattended” or “unsupervised” make enforcement very difficult.

There also will be a public hearing at the meeting on the reinstatement of impact fees after advice from the county attorney. Tuesday’s meeting will be the first reading. If approved, it will come up for a final vote in June.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. on Tuesday in the historic Walton County Courthouse in downtown Monroe. The public is invited to attend. The full agenda follows.

1.01 3 Minute Limit

2. Presentations

2.01 Ronnie Almand – Walton County EMS

2.02 Oath of Office – Assistant Fire Chief Craig League

3. Meeting Opening

3.01 Pledge of Allegiance & Invocation

3.02 Call to Order

3.03 Roll Call

4. Adoption of Agenda

4.01 Additions/Deletions

5. Unfinished Business

5.01 Public Hearing and First Reading – Amendment to Walton County Impact Fee Ordinance

6. Planning Commission Recommendations

6.01 Denial of ZCU19020015 – Rezone 5.00 acres from MH to MHP Conditional Use to allow for permanent recreational use – Applicant/Owner: Tony Jenkins – 2960 Etchison Rd – Map/Parcel C0610052 – District 1

6.02 Approval of CU19020018 – Conditional Use for Guest House – Applicant: Orlando J Soto Sr/Owner: Orlando Soto Jr & Tamarra Soto – 4069 Center Hill Church Rd – Map/Parcel C0510117 – District 3

6.03 Approval of CU19020019 – Conditional Use for Guest House – Applicant: Tyrone & Nelven Bedford/Owner: Willie & Eldorothy Barnes – 1446 Grady Lemonds Rd – Map/Parcel N146A003 – District 4

6.04 Approval w/ conditions of LU19030015 & Z19020020 – Change Land Use From Highway Corridor to Suburban & Rezone 4.00 acres from R2 to A1 to allow for chickens – Applicants/Owners: Danny & Ricky Cobb – 1866 US Hwy 78 & 206 HD Atha Rd – Map/Parcels C0750040 & 40A00- District 1

6.05 Approval of CU19020021 – Conditional Use for Guest House – Applicant: Alcovy Surveying & Engineering/Owner: Alcovy Builders Inc. – 1229 Dean Hill Rd – Map/Parcel C1030014K00 – District 4

6.06 Approval of CU19020029 – Conditional Use for Guest House – Applicant/Owner: Julie & Greg Roseberry – 826 Double Springs Rd – Map/Parcel C0730044A00 – District 5

6.07 Denial of AZ19030002 – Alteration to zoning conditions on 47.31 acres to remove conditions of 100 ft buffer along Centerville-Rosebud Rd to 50’ transitional buffer – Applicant: Will Franklin/Owner: Copart of Connecticut Inc. – 6229 Centerville-Rosebud Rd – Map/Parcel C0010001 & C0010002 – District 2

6.08 Approval of Z19030013 – Rezone 2.74 acres from B3 to M2 to allow for a sawmill – Applicant/Owner: Sea 155 LLC ( James Watson) – 2607 Ivory Road – Map/Parcel C0070010A00 – District 2

7. Administrative Consent Agenda

7.01 Monthly Financial Matters, Contracts & Approval of Meeting Minutes

8. Finance

8.01 Presentation of FY 2020 Budget

9. Resolutions

9.01 Transmittal of Capital Improvements Element (Impact Fee Program)

9.02 HVAC Replacement Project Length Budget

10. Ordinances

10.01 Amendment to Walton County Animal Control Ordinance

10.02 Amendment to Walton County Solid Waste Ordinance

11. Proclamations

11.01 Building Safety Month

12. Public Works

12.01 Request to abandon a portion of Malcom Lane

13. Announcements

13.01 June 4, 2019 – Regular Monthly Meeting – 6:00 p.m.

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