Another successful Ride for America reported in 2022

Two riders who went down near the start reported to be on the road to recovery

Reportedly more than 1,000 bikes set out from Loganville on the Ride for America on Memorial Day 2022. The ride is to raise money for Veteran causes and although the amount raised this year has not yet been reported, with that number of bikes, many with passengers, there should again be a significant contribution to Veterans The proceeds of this ride that makes the round trip to Madison in previous years and to Madison this year contribute to the American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund as well as the local scholarship.

Contributed photos from the 2022 American Legion Post 233 Ride for America.

Last year, one person dropped his bike at the start, reportedly breaking his ankle, and this year that count doubled to two, but officials reported that neither injuries were life-threatening. Ride for America organizers reported on social media that one of the riders had significant road rash, but was released the next day. The other rider did have more significant injuries and remained in the hospital for a few days more. However, members of Loganville Police Department reported Friday that he was expected to be released by this weekend.

Despite those two unfortunately incidents, the 24th Annual Ride for America was considered another great success with funds raised for Veteran charities while honoring America’s fallen heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of America’s freedoms.

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