Another summer, another national competition for Hurricane Elites

Contributed by Hurricane Elites Coach Bre Robinson

Team Picture: Front: Coach Bre and Lauryn Shaw. Outside in purple shirts: Coach James, Billy Hendrix III, In the middle from left to right: Kaelyn Ansley, Brielle Price, Sophia Fontenot. Back Row: Kaliyah Ansley, Essence Blue, Derrick Bailey, Lewis Hendrix. Not pictured Coach Khadiyja and Carlos Larry. Contributed Picture

This summer season has been such a BLAST!! These athletes have been setting goals and exceeding them like crazy!! To watch their development has been PHENOMENAL!! Coach Bre is more than just a track coach; she’s a life coach! She’s preparing these athletes to not only excel in their sports, but also excel in life! We cannot forget about Coach James!! He’s the Monroe Area High School track coach and he’s been supporting Hurricane Elites from the beginning!! This summer he stepped it up a notch and came from behind the scenes. Not only mentoring Coach Bre, but also helping shape these young athletes. 

Picture with athletes: Back Row, Left to Right: Kaelyn Ansley, Brielle Price, Billy Hendrix III, Derrick Bailey, Kaliyah Ansley. Front row left to right: Coach Bre, Lauryn Shaw, Lewis Hendrix, Sophia Fontenot. Not pictured Essence Blue. Contributed photo

On July 8, 2023, Hurricane Elites showed up and dominated!! With only 10 athletes, they were able to come home with 19 medals!! We had some MAJOR PRs and SEASON BEST in the field events: shot put and long jump! We even got PR in the running events. As a team, we collected 171 points!!! We placed 4th as a team; we lost by 3 points to get a team trophy!! But that’s okay, because we didn’t even have the expectation. A parent actually pointed it out to Coach. As a club, we NEVER concerned ourselves with the points, medals, or trophies. We are concerned and focused on the DEVELOPMENT of our athletes. However, it FELT AMAZING, to see the impact of our small team!! 

Oh, and Kaelyn came home with the MVP of the 13-18 girls!!! She collected the MOST POINTS! She earned 28 points!!! That number 28 is a prophetic number and if you know you know! She put in work at that track meet and after FIVE years of being so close, she finally got it!! What an accomplishment!! Kaelyn also placed 5th at the Adidas MS National Track meet in Greensboro, NC. She qualified for the AAU National Junior Olympics for the 3rd year in a row!! 

Billy took 1st place in long jump, clearing 18ft 8.5in!! That’s a 2ft PR!! And he jumped from BEHIND the board! Derrick took 2nd in long jump, clearing 17ft 10.5in; only his second time jump. That’s a PR‼️ 

Brielle took 3rd place, with a new PR by over foot, cleaning 15ft 5in‼️Oh and she took 2nd in shot put with a PR of 21ft 8.5in‼️Sophia comes and snags a PR and meets her goal of jumping 14ft. She jumped 14ft 5.25in finishing 6th‼️ So proud of this young lady for finally believing in herself and having confidence! Kaelyn comes and takes 1st place with a SEASON BEST of 16ft 8in, jumping from behind the 8ft board; unbelievable!! In the hurdles, 

Now I have to let you know about our track manager: Kaliyah; she is dominating in volleyball. And anyone who knows coach Bre, she is always trying to get someone to jump or run lol. Kaliyah finally decided to long jump after losing a bet. We had three days to practice. The goal was to hit the board and get in the pit. She did just that!!! She jumped 10ft 2in!!! And guess what?? She asked if she could continue learning and performing in this event!! Talk about SHOCKED!!! She took 9th place!!! 

Lauryn secured medals in all her events!!! She was 3 points from being MVP of the 0-12 girls age group!!! So proud of this young lady!! She too qualified for the AAU National Junior Olympics‼️This will be her first time!! The AAU National Junior OLYMPICS will take place in Des Moines, Iowa July 29-August 5 at Drake Stadium‼️ Essence helped the 4x100M relay team secure the win and take 1st place‼️ 

Lewis: this young man threw 28ft in the shot put!!! That’s a PR by 5f‼️ He’s been in the gym lifting, working harder on his speed, acceleration, and core. His spin was so smooth yesterday, that they asked who his coach was. He said “my mommas” He was referring to Coach Bre (mom) and Coach Khadiyja (Godmom, and throws coach). He was so proud of himself!! He said, “I know I can throw 30ft if the pit wasn’t wet”. 

Carlos finished her season with the 2023 GA Games where she finished 1st in the Discus, Javelin, Shot Put, and High Jump. She took 2nd in the long jump! She will be attending San Diego in 2024 for the State Games of America‼️🏆

Essence helped the 4×100 with running an impressive second leg for them to finish 1st!. Her first year EVER doing any sport! She is going to be a dominant hurdler and sprinter with consistent development. 

By the way, Kameria Barron-Ansley lost a bet to her daughter and had to compete in Masters. Well she threw that shot put 19ft 3in‼️ We are so proud of her for keeping her word and participating!!! She won 2nd place‼️

These are the athletes PRs and SB for the 2023 Indoor, Spring and/or Winter Seasons. We look forward to the 2024 seasons!

  • Lauryn Shaw: 400M(1:06.92), 800M(2:46.47), 1500M(5:39.50), 1600M(6:15.34)
  • Lewis Hendrix: SP (28ft)
  • Kaelyn Ansley: 100M(13.03), 200M(25.99), 400M(59.36), LJ(16ft 8in, SB)
  • Essence Blue: 100MH(18.57), 200MH(36.85), 300MH(55.18), 200M(30.84), 400M(1:13.38)
  • Derrick Bailey: 100M(12.25), 200M(24.89), 400M(1:00.75), LJ(17ft 10.5in)
  • Kaliyah Ansley: LJ(10ft 2in)
  • Sophia Fontenot: 100M(13.42), 200M(28.68), 400M(1:08.40), LJ(14ft 5.25in)
  • Brielle Price: 100M(13.68), 200M(28.55), 400M(1:05.01), SP(21ft 8.5in), LJ(15ft 5in)
  • Billy Hendrix: 100M(13.01), LJ(18ft 8.5in), TJ(34ft 11.5in), HJ(4ft 10in)
  • Kameria Ansley (Honorary Athlete): SP(19ft 3in)
  • Carlos Larry (Master Athlete): LJ(9ft 2in), HJ(3ft 6in), Javelin(46ft 14in), Discus(66ft 7in), SP(32ft 7in), Hammer(92ft 5in), Weight(35ft), Super Weight(24ft)

We have the best athletes and the best coaches!! And trust, they receive the best EXPERIENCES!!! Remember you can donate to help support these athletes for the upcoming off season and indoor season. All funds offset membership costs, provide equipment, and fun experiences when they have to travel. We are now headed to the AAU National Junior Olympics in Des Moines, Iowa at Drake Stadium. 

Please send funds to $hurricaneelites19 via Cashapp. You can also write a check or money order to Hurricane Elites. If you would like a receipt for tax purposes, please let us know.

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