Atlanta Ranked 7th in the U.S. for Top Cities to Celebrate July Fourth

The citizens of the United States are revered for their innate patriotism, which is taught from a very young age. We grow up coloring in American flags in kindergarten and learning the Pledge of Allegiance. We give aid to our soldiers abroad and thank those who have already served. American patriotism is something that is hardwired into our brains because it is what keeps our country running on into the future. However, once a year, we let freedom ring in the most spectacular release of our patriotism that we can possibly handle: the Fourth of July.

While this event has been a federal holiday since 1870, Independence Day recognizes a historic day nearly 100 years earlier when our Founding Fathers officially released their Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. Nowadays, Americans use July 4th as a day to celebrate all that is good about the United States and exemplify what we truly stand for: freedom and liberty for all. We pump ourselves full with hotdogs and beer as we blow up colorful firework displays and revel together with friends and family. Some do this in their own homes (well, hopefully not the fireworks) while others drive off to community events. But where is the best place in America to truly let freedom ring?

WalletHub, an online personal finance company, recently released their study of the best and worse cities in the U.S. to celebrate the Fourth of July. They based their findings on a number of factors from “average beer and wine prices to duration of fireworks shows to Fourth of July weather forecast.” With these and many other key factors, WalletHub determined that New York City was the overall best location to spend Independence Day, 2019. Closely following NYC were cities such as Los Angeles and Washington DC. However, the news is good for us Georgians because Atlanta was ranked 7th in the nation, hindered mostly by its predicted weather forecast for this year.

So maybe instead of burning the hotdogs or blowing up your neighbor’s yard with a homemade assortment of fireworks, you could take the short trek to the Big Peach and enjoy the Fourth of July with hundreds and thousands of your closest friends. Or if you choose to stay closer to home, click or tap on this link to find out when and where Independence Day Celebrations will take place in Walton County.

For more information about WalletHub’s rankings, or to find out more about the Fourth of July, visit

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