Attempted sale of a gun in Loganville turns into a robbery and car chase

LOGANVILLE, GA (Oct. 7, 2022) – There was some activity on the road and in the Ingles parking lot in Loganville last night that had rumors of an attempted carjacking. However, that wasn’t exactly what went down, according to Loganville Police Chief Dick Lowry.

“We had a young fellow, a 16-year-old, who actually lives in the county, but decided to meet up with some fellows in Loganville and sell these people his dad’s pistol. So they robbed him of his pistol, wallet and phone,” Lowry said. The perpetrators then jumped into a car and fled. “The 16-year-old forgot that they had a loaded pistol with them and gave chase and they started shooting out the window.”

Lowry said they did not hurt the teen, fortunately, but they did shoot out the windshield of what was his dad’s car. Lowry said *(his lieutenant) happened to be picking up a smoothie at the time and heard the shooting, but did not initially know where it was coming from.

“So anybody who heard that going on by Ingles last night and wondered what was going on, that was it,” he said.

Lowry said the investigation is ongoing and he feels sure they will be able to identify the perpetrators and make the necessary arrests.

*Correction: The original story said it was Lowry who was getting a smoothie when he heard the shooting. It was actually his lieutenant).

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